(Germany Warehouse) ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner For Just $199.99 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


ILIFE V7s Plus is a kind of smart home appliance. With artificial intelligence, the floor cleaning work is done automatically. While making your home cleaner, it also frees you from housework, all you have to do is turning it on.

One of the novelties that this version includes after its predecessor, the iLife V7 , is its ability to clean any surface in the wet, as it includes a water tank that will filter the mop continuously so that it can leave a clean area that has been stained with some product or residue that a conventional robot vacuum can not detach from the ground. The main novelty that we will find in Ilife V7S Plus is the inclusion of a hybrid water tank capable of storing both water and dirt aspirated thus increasing the capacity of your vacuum cleaner.

The ILIFE Ilife V7S Plus vacuum cleaner is ready to be your biggest ally in daily cleaning. This new version maintains the 5 infrared sensors that will change the direction of the ILIFE Ilife V7S Plus Aspirator and thus avoid collisions and incorporates a new smart mapping system that will remember the most conflictive areas of the house in order to make a smarter cleaning of your home.

ILIFE has also incorporated new improvements with respect to its previous model, the V7S, as it can be the inclusion of multisurface wheels so that it moves more easily through the rougher media. The high-precision central brush will leave nothing uncollected due to its self-control in depth. It also has the anti-fall function, to keep your ILIFE Ilife V7S Plus Robot safe from stairs. Another improvement that we can appreciate is a new antiencrete system to improve the location of the room and not crash or get caught. A remarkable aspect is its extreme thinness, with only 7.6 cm thick it becomes one of the thinnest intelligent vacuum cleaners in the market and the quietest with only 65 dB.

Thanks to its intelligent system, it will start working at the scheduled time and will go through the house making an intelligent tour of it, avoiding colliding with the walls and furniture. But undoubtedly the most interesting is a new cleaning mode called Max Mode that will make our friend cleanse with more depth and care. For the more forgetful, ILIFE has included in its new Ilife V7S Plus robot the sound and light warning in case the dust tray is full or we have simply forgotten to place it.

It also has complete autonomy, since when its batteries are running out it will return alone to its charging base after its 120 minutes of continuous use that offers us its great 2600mAh battery, being this iLife V7 vacuum cleaner special for houses of considerable size. In iLife have thought of everything, so they have decided to further improve the user experience by giving greater focus to the connection of the charging base with the vacuum cleaner thanks to the Dust Box Connection method.

Ilife never stops reviewing its models to offer all the advantages and advances in what is becoming one of the wishful eyeglasses of 2018. If you are looking for a Robot vacuum cleaner, sweep, mop and scrub all your house you will be Wishing to get hold of the Ilife V7S Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Right now we can buy it in Flash Sale at TOMTOP for Just $199.99 for a limited time, shipped from Germany warehouse for tax free.


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