Get A95X F4 Android 10 TV Box (4GB/32G) at $49.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


A95X F4 TV box is one of the first smart tv boxes that runs on a modern processor and the most up-to-date version of the Android 11 operating system. To put it simply, this is very good news for an average user, because he will have excellent performance, support for operating system updates, codec decoding AV1, which is essential for the vast majority of popular streaming services.

The tv box runs on a quad-core processor from Amlogic; each of them stably produces 2 GHz, for ideal work with the AV1 video codec there is a solution – a graphics core. The future belongs to this video codec because many streaming services are already switching to it because today it is actively used by market leaders. One of its indisputable advantages; it has a high bandwidth, due to which it plays video in high definition; but at a low Internet speed.

Users can choose from various configurations, both permanent and random access memory:

  • version for those who want to save as much as possible – 4/32 gigabytes;
  • for users who like to install many different applications – F4 4/64 gigabytes.

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The developers of the A95X F4 set-top box supplied DDR3 RAM; this is not the most modern solution; but it paid off because thanks to it the manufacturer was able to please buyers with the price of a TV box. The user gets the maximum opportunity to install programs and games with high technical requirements thanks to Android 11. It is worth noting that this operating system has fully justified itself; therefore, no technical problems should arise in the next few years.

The design of the console is definitely the design of the future; the non-standard shape of the case and neon illumination, therefore, the A95X F4 has a unique look. If appearance plays a big role for you; then you definitely need to take a closer look at this model of an Android set-top box. There are two ports for fast file sharing: 2.0 and 3.0. Thanks to the presence of HDMI, the set-top box can be quickly connected to TVs or monitors; and for analog screens that are in the past, there is an AV connector. The amount of memory can be added using a TF card.

There are many advantages to this model, in short, the A95X F4 TV box is one of the best developments for 2021 today. We can buy it from banggood at $49.99 by using Coupon Code: 5DRIDAOI and ship from EU Warehouse.


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