Get Alfawise U20 ONE Touch Screen 3D Printer at $309.99 From Gearbest


Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer is the No.1 choice for your brilliant ideas. Not only can Alfawise U20 ONE 3D printer build big, exciting models up to 300 x 300 x 400mm, but also produce flawless details. Double Z-axis and motors stabilize the performance and facilitate bed levelling since both motors can be adjusted individually to effectively eliminate tilt. Makers prefer Alfawise U20 ONE with which they can enjoy the absolute freedom to change, improve, upgrade the machine/system, thanks to the open-source system. The host of Alfawise U20 ONE is integrated with the build platform, saving more space on the workbench.

Buy Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer From Gearbest

The Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer’s interface is exceptionally user-friendly. Moreover, you can efficiently work your way around with the printer and start making great prints in no time. The 3.5-inch colour touch screens help the users to print even a lot of intricate prints. The Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer has a great build size of 300 mm x 300mm x 400 mm. This is a fantastic build-volume as compared to the price of the printer. Besides, you can print all your basic designs with this great print size. Moreover, you will have the freedom to make moderately sized prints of your most favourite designs.

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You can assemble the Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer in no time. It is effortless and can be accomplished in just three simple steps. The integrated structure, in addition to the stable frame of the printer, provides for a stable printing platform. As a result, the prints are of high-quality, and you will not have to worry about the vibrations during printing. Furthermore, the printer has a Double Z-axis operation with two independent Z-motors. This increases precision during printing and provides excellent results. Also, this ensures that the bed is levelled more consistently. With the provision of an efficient power supply system, the printer consumes lower energy than a lot of other printers of the same category.

Another great feature of the printer is that it has an open-source build. This means that you can upgrade the printer whenever you want and customise it according to your needs. The presence of the latest marlin system provides absolute freedom of customisation to the user. Besides, you will also learn a lot about the 3D printers build and structures once you upgrade a printer yourself. You can download the open-source code for the printer here. Like all other standard 3D printer functions, the resume print function and filament runout alert systems are also installed in the Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer. This ensures that your prints are not interrupted during operation, and you get good quality for the products you print.

The Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer is being offered at $309.99 on This is an amazing price for an open-source 3D printer. Since you can upgrade the printer into a better, more powerful printer, this price is very reasonable keeping that in mind. Moreover, as a beginner or an enthusiast, this price is not very high to afford.

Buy Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer From Gearbest


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