Get Beelink J45 (8GB+256GB) For Free Until August 10 2019 From Beelink


Beelink J45 is a new mini PC from Beelink brand, a mini PC with a very compact design. This small computer is equipped with low-power Intel Celeron processor, integrated with 8GB DDR4 memory, and comes standard with mSATA disk, 256 or 512GB Storage options. This mini PC has an internal fan that maintains a constant temperature for high performance.


In order to thank the users for their love of Beelink products, we decided to send benefits to the old users.

Just contact us and provide your purchase of Beelink product images or proof of purchase, you will have a chance to get a Beelink J45 8GB 256GB mini PC, we will give a free Beelink J45 to the ten users with the largest number of Beelink products, the number The top three users can also get the 8GB+512GB specification. If two users have the same number of Beelink products, the first contact with our users will get priority.


Please contact us via email or Skype to participate in this event.

Activity time: August 1, 2019, August 10, 2019.

We will end the statistics on August 10th, 2019, and the results will be announced on the August 11th in the Beelink Forum.

For More Information Please check the Official Site Here

You can also buy directly at our Amazon store.

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For those unfamiliar with Beelink products, you can visit the Beelink website to view detail information:

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If you want to order our machines in bulk or become a Beelink distributor,  please contact our Foreign trade sales as follow. We will offer discounts and customized services.

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For more information, please pay attention to Beelink’s official website!


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