Get BEZIOR X500 Pro Electric Bike at €969.99 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


With the Bezior X500 Pro, you can get a foldable e-bike for as little as €969.99 from well-known brands. And with 500 watts, a range of 100 kilometers, disc brakes, and two suspension forks/shock absorbers as well as 26-inch tires, you can already expect driving pleasure when reading the specifications. The BEZIOR X500 PRO is a sturdy electric mountain bike with built-in aluminum alloy, it supports a maximum load weight of up to 200kg despite the frame being easily foldable for easy transportation.

First of all, the BEZIOR X500 Pro is powered by a 500W motor; that is electronically powered by 48V / 10.4AH batteries. It can reach the maximum speed in 4.9 seconds due to the electric motor; that speed is 30KM / H. However, perhaps the most sensible thing is not to exceed the 25KM / H limit; that many countries establish for this type of vehicle. The motor is powerful enough to climb slopes of 30 degrees incline and to carry a maximum load of 200 kilograms.

If anything becomes clear to us when looking at the BEZIOR X500 Pro, it is that it is not your typical electric bike designed only for urban environments, instead, we are dealing with a full-fledged mountain bike, complete with an aluminum frame and 26-inch wheels, making it suitable for any type of terrain. It should be noted that the frame has resistance to corrosion, rust, and also to water, and dust, not in vain it receives the IP54 certification. According to the manufacturer, it can be walked in the rain without problems.

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We can also bring out the ergonomic seat it has, the coil spring suspension; and the 5-inch LCD screen with onboard order. From the latter, we can check the battery charge, current speed, mileage, and other additional data. We cannot finish this section without noting that the BEZIOR X500 Pro folds right in the center; it normally occupies 85-90 x 185 x 105cm, but when folded it measures only 100 x 95 x 45cm; so it will be easy to store it in the trunk of the car. car or carry it in hand. Speaking of carrying it in hand, it is not as heavy as it makes us believe, only 23 kilograms, nothing out of the ordinary.

One of the main characteristics of this electric bike is that it provides a mileage of up to 100 km; with pedaling assistance, but with the fully electric mode, it can give us a route of 45KM, which is acceptable. As expected, we can choose between 3 modes of use: with pedaling assistance, fully electric, or fully manual. The battery takes 4-6 hours to recharge to 100% and is protected within the waterproof aluminum frame. It also employs a Shimano 7-speed gearbox and damping system to ensure enjoyable rides. For braking, it has front and rear mechanical disc brakes; capable of stopping the bike in 4 meters in an emergency.

With the Bezior X500 Pro, you are definitely on the move quickly, and with the 26-inch tires, you are also confident. The combination of foldable frame and removable battery is also perfect; for the “last mile” after the train journey – although the range allows for a few “last miles” – or simply pack the Bezior X500 Pro in the trunk for a weekend trip. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €969.99 with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.

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