Get BEZIOR XF001 20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike at €1189.99 From CAFAGO


The BEZIOR XF001 urban electric bike, which combines comfort and high performance, promises to make all your trips as pleasant as possible. Ideal for cruising around the city in all conditions, this XF001 is also suitable for long-distance touring. And to enable you to take advantage of the BEZIOR XF001 as quickly as possible, several special offers are currently available. Here are the details of all the features of this BEZIOR XF001 as well as current offerings.

The drive is taken care of by the classic seven-speed Shimano derailleur, even if you use it rather exceptionally. If you run out of battery power, you can at least get closer to home or an outlet. The battery has a capacity of 12.5 Ah and in the mode of fully electric driving will provide a range of up to 37 kilometers. Before you go on a longer trip with a “backpack” behind you; you better take a test trip to find out the actual range. The engine offers an output of 1,000 W. The speed reaches up to 45 km / h.

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Don’t worry, they won’t get lost in driving around the city; during which they will give you greater grip and driving safety. There is a large LCD display on the handlebars; which constantly informs you about the battery status, driving mode, current speed, and mileage. During the evening rides, you will appreciate the strong LED front light. You will also be seen from behind, thanks to the rear light located in the battery block. In the case of this BEZIOR XF001 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle, it is located under a comfortable seat.

impress with its design. It is reminiscent of historic motorcycles that have been, are, and always will be very trendy. But design is not everything. The BEZIOR XF001 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle comes with a powerful 1,000 W motor driving the rear wheel. Thanks to this, the bike can develop a speed of up to 45 km / h and overcome a climb of up to 25 °. Due to the ability to achieve higher speeds, it is suitable for adults who can weigh up to 120 kg. That’s exactly what a robust aluminum construction can carry. The green chassis is complemented by a soft brown seat and two 20 “tires that are up to 4” wide. They are designed for driving on uneven ground, whether in the forest or in a meadow.

This BEZIOR XF001 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle can become your companion for city travel, shopping, trips to work or trips for a great special price of €1189.99 in Flash Sale, You can buy it at the CAFAGO online store with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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