Get BEZIOR XF800 Electric Bike at €1238.99 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


Are you searching for an electric bike that combines aesthetics, impressive features, and affordability? Many high-end models feature a central engine, but the BEZIOR XF800 offers a more cost-effective option. Additionally, if you plan on taking your electric bike off-road, the BEZIOR XF800 is built to withstand rough terrain and is equipped with durable tires. Purchase the BEZIOR XF800 from TOMTOP for €1238.99 (including VAT) and enjoy free shipping from Germany.

The BEZIOR XF800 features an aluminum alloy material that boasts improved strength, and resistance to corrosion, and rust. This ensures that each component maintains its support strength. The seat tube is also made of aluminum, providing durability and stability. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with a Smart LCD Meter, which displays gear switches, riding speed, bike data, and power settings in a clear and easy-to-read format. The meter is also waterproof with an IP x6 rating for added reliability. The bike also features a black aluminum brake disc with a SA160MM disc brake and resin brake pads. The bike is powered by an electric chain drive.

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The electric mode of this e-bike boasts a range of approximately 50km, thanks to its hidden and waterproof 48V-13AH lithium battery. This battery not only provides strong output but also offers anti-theft features and stable performance. Additionally, the electrically assisted driving mode can extend the range to about 60km. With a top speed of 40km/h, this e-bike also boasts excellent electrical performance. The mid-motor design ensures optimal balance and shock absorption, making it ideal for mountain and touring e-bikes. The mid-motor also offers precise measurement, quick torque response, and a long lifespan.

The BEZIOR XF800 electric bike is equipped with an optional imported SHIMANO 7-speed gear system for added versatility. The bike features a SHIMANO TX50R right-hand drivetrain and TZ500 rear derailleur, which is adjustable in 7 gears to cater to individual needs. This allows for different driving speeds suitable for various driving situations and destinations. Made from durable aluminum alloy, the XF800 can support a maximum user weight of 90kg. With a maximum speed of 40km/h and a 50km pure electric range, this electric bike is perfect for commuting, trips, and daily errands. It is available for purchase on TOMTOP at €1290.61 during a Flash Sale and can be shipped from the Germany Warehouse.


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