Get Blackview Tab 12 4G 10-inch Tablet at €139,35 From Hekka in Flash Sale


The Blackview brand, which has achieved considerable success in Europe, wants to keep up with its competition in the form of Xiaomi, Samsung, and Apple. That’s why it brings a new tablet to the market in the form of the Blackview Tab 12. It is supposed to be an upgrade of the popular Tab 8 model from 2020, especially with regard to the display, operating system, and battery.

Blackview Tab 12 backed by an anodized metal housing and beautifully decorated with an attractive matte texture, offers you an outstanding look when viewed from afar or up close. Simply put it in a bag or backpack as the tablet is much lighter and thinner than you expected. The Tab 12 offers a large 25.65 cm (10.1 ”) IPS color screen with smoother gradients and superior Full HD + (1920 × 1200px) resolution. Relax and get lost in the exclusive visual experience offered by the Blackview Tab 12.

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The fast and powerful UNISOC processor provides you with lightning-fast responsiveness when performing tasks, playing games, and watching video content. It has 4GB of RAM for tasks and 64GB of ROM for internal storage. Simply insert a microSD card into Blackview Tab 12, and you will have up to 1TB of new storage space where you can store your recordings, pictures, files, or favorite songs that will be available to you anytime, anywhere With a large 6580mAh rechargeable battery, the Tab 12 allows you to use it throughout the day, make video calls, listen to music, play games or browse the web. In standby mode, it lasts up to 432 hours!

The 13MP rear camera is always available when capturing and capturing important moments in life; creates photos with exceptional clarity and optimized contrast. The 5MP front camera together with HDR software is set up; to create great selfies that show the best attributes of your face; to make quality video calls. The tablet also supports a dual-band WiFi connection for efficient use of the Internet, and there is also Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to connect other smart devices with the Blackview Tab 12. The latest operating system keeps you clean! Doke OS 2.0 based on Android 11.0  is a convenient and intelligent system with many features and benefits:

Blackview Tab 12 gives you ample on-screen room and theater-level color gamut with smoother gradients and superb clarity. Browse social feeds or watch live streams on Tiktok to kick back for a while, losing yourself in the exclusive visual spree offered by Blackview Tab 12. You can buy it from at €139.35 in Flash Sale for a limited time.


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