Get CP06 11.26 Inch 2K+1080P Dash Cam at $134.99 From Banggood in Flash Sale


The CP06 11.26 Inch 2K+1080P Dash Cam comes with a resolution of up to 2K, capturing crystal-clear video and images. The dash cam captures sharp and clear videos with important details even in extreme low light conditions. With a GPS module included, your dash cam keeps track of your vehicle’s location and driving speed. Support the wireless CarPlay connection with your Phone, and sync the Phone interface to the DVR screen, then you can use the SIRI voice GPS navigation and call or pick up the phone on DVR directly, free your hands, and make the driving safer.

CP06 11.26 Inch 2K+1080P Dash Cam supports HD video resolution, it supports Front 2K and back AHD1080P recording at the same time. It supports voice commands, while just supports simple commands such as turning on the screen, turning off the screen, turning on the camera, and turning off the camera. During the driving, if we want to listen to the music, this function will be very good. After we pair the BT on the phone and DVR, then play the online music on our phone, the sound will be played out from the DVR. You do need the BT earphone and another device to enjoy the music.

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CP06 11.26 Inch 2K+1080P Dash Cam uses the app Roadcam app and uses direct WIFI; we could check the recording from our phone and download the video files or photos to our phone and share them to SNS. We have to need one convert adapter for this time-lapse function; this function can save more video files with the same SD card storage. With G-sensor, videos will be locked, saved to your memory card(sold separately), and won’t be overwritten when a collision occurs. The locked footage will always prove your side of the story. G-sensor sensitivity is adjustable at Low, Middle, High, and as needed.

It’s equipped with a super capacitor instead of a traditional lithium battery; which enables it to withstand extreme heat and cold (from -4°F to 158°F)as well as operate stably, and extends the life of the camera. You can buy CP06 11.26 Inch 2K+1080P Dash Cam from Banggood at $134.99 in Flash Sale.


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