Get Dual-lens 400W Solar Powered PTZ Camera at $192.99 From TOMTOP


Dual-lens 400W Solar Powered PTZ Camera with a built-in rechargeable module battery and can be charged via a solar panel to provide non-stop power. No circuit wiring hassles, easy to place anywhere for an apartment, front door, garage surveillance. This solar-powered outdoor security camera can keep running with non-stop power for 365 days, without frequently taking off the camera to charge. The solar panel with a cable allows you to install it anywhere you want to monitor, like the gate door, driveway, garden, and other areas.

The Dual-lens 400W Solar Powered PTZ Camera can analyzes and position, the PTZ camera will automatically track and zoom, and the dual cameras can view and control two displays at the same time. There are three different installation modes for various scenarios: integrated installation, separated ceiling mounted installation and sepatated wall mounted installation. The built-in infrared LEDs and spotlights allow you to clearly see objects in color at night and spotlights alarm to deter intruders. When a moving object passes by, it can be triggered to take a photo and video in 0.25 seconds and push it to the APP (Niview).

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Dual-lens 400W Solar Powered PTZ Camera can monitor far and near details. A high-resolution lens combined with a telephoto lens, which can achieve 4-16mm zoom; is suitable for residential, parking, supermarket, and other scenes taking into global monitoring and important area details. On fog, rain, or snow weather days; the camera can work as usual with battery power; it can work stably at -15℃~60℃. The camera can analyze the shapes of people, pets; cars, and vehicles thus sending you more accurate and meaningful alerts in real-time.

The built-in mic and speaker to listen in and talk in real-time. When the power is more than 50%, it will record at all times, when the power is lower than 50%; it will trigger PIR and record. Niview Cloud can record videos every time motion is detected. No worries about missing a thing, even if your device is stolen; you can access your Cloud video history via Niview APP from anywhere. The upper wide-angle camera can be manually adjusted 180° horizontally and 15° vertically; and the Dual-lens 400W Solar Powered PTZ Camera can automatically rotate 355° horizontally and 90° vertically. The wireless transmission rate of the 2*2 MIMMOWI-FI chip can access 300Mbps. Built-in error correction algorithm, stronger, anti-jamming performance.

Through the Dual-lens 400W Solar Powered PTZ Camera, see who’s there and talk interactively clearly with your kids, pets, postman, or anyone you care about so that you never miss a parcel or keep guests waiting. Share security cameras outdoor wireless with your family, multi-user view lives stream, and recorded clips simultaneously. You can buy it from TOMTOP at $192.99 in Flash Sale.


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