Get GOGOBEST V1 Kids Folding Electric Scooter at €99.99 From CAFAGO


Do you want to dedicate an electric scooter to your children? Then GOGOBEST V1 is the right choice. Now you can get it at a discount in the online store. The GOGOBEST V1 electric scooter is a modest product. It is powered by a 150W motor associated with a 2Ah battery. Its theoretical maximum speed is 6 km/h. Charging takes 2 hours. This two-wheel folding electric scooter is a great gift for your kids.

GOGOBEST V1 scooter is made of aluminum alloy and offers solid and robust construction and thus a solid and durable construction. GOGOBEST V1 comes with an integrated 2aH lithium battery. The scooter reaches a speed of 4 – 6 km / h, the maximum climb is 5 °. Comes with handlebars with anti-slip grips. The scooter is designed for a child’s height of 100 – 160 cm and the maximum load is set at 50 kg.

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The manufacturer Gogobest understands the needs of parents and it is clear to them that even children want to race by pressing the throttle or the handle. And that’s why it includes a lightweight GOGOBEST V1 children’s scooter in its offer for easier movement. And when we talk about weight reduction, it’s not just weight. She stopped at six kilograms. But the motor has a maximum power of 150 W. It is calculated by the weight of the rider up to fifty kilograms.

At a glance, you wouldn’t even say that the scooter hides an electric drive. The brightly colored platform just looks more robust. At the same time, it classically hides the battery. The engine is stored in the rear wheel. The brake is also paired to the rear wheel. The front wheel is unusually an inch larger in diameter, and thanks to this, children can better navigate small bumps in the road.

You are probably thinking that children do not need an electric scooter, and in many cases, we would agree. However, the weaker performance will still force them to move, and at a price of around €99.99, it is not even a big expense. It can then serve pleasantly, for example, during a longer transfer to school or club. If you are interested in complete information and the possibility of purchase, you can find the GOGOBEST V1 scooter in the Cafago online store. You also get a set of protectors with your purchase.


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