Get GPD Pocket 2 Laptop Pocket PC For Just $489.99 at TOMTOP (+Coupon)


Everything you’d want in a laptop…In Your Pocket. The GPD Pocket 2 takes on its predecessor shortcomings and it drastically improves upon them; Its bezels shrunk, It’s body got thinner by 57% compared with the last generation Pocket (at the thinnest section) and Its performance has increased to compete with this year’s Laptops.

Buy GPD Pocket 2 Laptop Pocket PC from TOMTOP

GPD Pocket 2 has a 7-inch IPS 1920×1200 resolution screen, delivering more colors and higher contrast. With a 323 PPI screen, it provides a bright Retina display experience with better in screen details than the MacBook and new Surface Pro. The IPS-based screen has viewing angles up to 178° in either the horizontal or vertical. Use of In-Cell full lamination allows the Pocket 2 to have a screen that is thin, thus reducing the weight of the device. With a screen border of only 4mm, the Pocket 2 delivers an almost borderless viewing experience.

The GPD Pocket 2 is 57% less thick than the previous generation GPD Pocket. It weighs only 465g, which is 15g less than the previous generation GPD Pocket; 455g less than Apple MacBook and 303g less than the Microsoft Surface Pro. Wherever you are, whenever you want, you can pull out GPD Pocket 2 from your pocket or purse and start working right away. GPD Pocket 2 gives you an immersive experience for watching movies and listening to music, offering an authentic private cinema for you.

The biggest advantage of the GPD Pocket 2 is its active cooling design. All the most popular ultra-thin laptops on the market do not use active cooling, leading to fast frequency-reduction once the processor hits thermal limits. This reduces their effectiveness for both work and entertainment uses. With its fan-based PC-level cooling solution, GPD Pocket 2 provides great performance. The GPD Pocket 2 features a unique “one-button fan mute” mode which is a great boon for those who are sensitive to noise.

You can work quietly or enjoy videos without system noise interfering with your experience. Two USB A ports and one Micro SD card slot allows you to expand the storage to 2.4TB. The Intel m3-8100Y supports the UHS 104 ultra-high-speed SD interface, with a bus speed up to 104MB/s. It also supports Micro SDXC cards. As tested, the read speed of a SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card was measured to be up to 88MB/s, and the write speed was up to 57MB/s. Notes: currently, the max USB capacity is 1TB and the max Micro SD capacity is 400GB。

With the built-in Optical Finger Navigation, you can operate with one finger for 360-degree rotation and movement anywhere. It can also replace the direction key. The effect is comparable to the optical mouse.GPD Pocket 2 supports the touch screen and the built-in multi-touch function makes it even more convenient. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $489.99 by using Coupon Code: HYGPDPK with Duty-Free Shipping

Buy GPD Pocket 2 Laptop Pocket PC from TOMTOP


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