Get in flash sales the Ultramini portable DLP Projector


This Mini DLP Projector, due to is very small size, is ideal for presentations in Business Meetings or Educational Training or even for Entertainment use, The projector features 30 ANSI lumens brightness and 640 x 360 max resolution with 800:1 Contrast Ratio. This specs can give you viewing of high definition Video Picture and Photos. You can also use the MicroSD Card Slot which supports cards up to 64GB, to watch from there easily your favorite movies, videos, music, pictures and files.


This Mini DLP Projector as we have mentioned, supports up to 64GB TF Card cards, through the MicroSD Card Slot. From there you can watch or listen to your favorite movies, videos, music, pictures and files. Due to its small size and since it weights only 92g and can easily be placed in your owns palm since its dimensions are 4.4 x 4.6 x 4.5cm, you can easily carry it with you everywhere. Is like you have an entire home entertainment system in your pocket! The DLP projector features also 3.5mm Audio Output, built-in Speakers with Output Power of 1.5W 8ohm and comes only in black color.


This Mini DLP Projector using the DLP technology that is equipped, through the advanced Multi-Color processing, you can have exceptional contrast ratios. The RGB LED Lamps are with 30000 hours of lifespan, and they feature 30 ANSI lumens brightness. The projector also features 800:1 Contrast Ratio and 640 x 360 (WVGA) resolution with a 1920 x 1080 resolution for watching your favorite movies in high definition. This means that on the wall gives you a projection size of up to 70 inches. The speakers that we have already mention, cna give you crystal audio to hear your favorite movies or music without any problem. The canvas should have an optimal distance of 1 meter with size of 7-70 inch. The projector supports all kind of media from video files, audio files, images and even txt files.


This Mini DLP Projector is equipped with built- in 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery. The battery can last up to 40mins per charge cycleand it can be charged via MicroUSB port. You can even power the projector by your portable power bank via its MicroUSB port. The total power consumption is very small and only up to 10W. The working time is about 40 minutes, with charging time of about 2 hours and it has 2.5 hours of standby time.


This Mini DLP Projector is really very mini and portable. Ideal for all kind of meetings, educational uses and at home for personal use. You can get it from at the lowest price ever of 67.93$ for some days more since it is now in flash sales!


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