Get in Flash Sales the Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses. Check how you can get the Xiaomi VR app in English!


Xiaomi is a well known company that has dozens of mobiles in various models and many gadgets…really many gadgets for everything! One of my favorite are the Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses, which Xiaomi presented to us before some months.

The Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses are very stylish and simple in use at the same time. The come with various add-on patches, changing by this way the outfit, making them as new every time!

They are compatible with mobiles with 4.7 – 5.7 inch screen display. They don’t have any special menu, but they do come with their app, the 小米VR as it is told in Chinese. Unfortunately the app is in Chinese only, as most of Xiaomi apps are. But  don’t worry as I will give you link from where you can download it in English.

The FOV at Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses is between 90 – 110 degrees, when is set to 93 degrees. You cannot correct the IPD or wear your glasses when you have the Xiaomi 3D glasses on. They support up to 2K resolution. The Glasses weight 0.209kg and the dimension of the glasses are 20.10 x 10.70 x 9.10 cm.

The Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses you can get them at the lowest price ever at Flash Sales that hold Banggood and Gearbest. At Banggood you can find them for 11.39$ and at Gearbest you can find them at almost the same price and for 11.59$. I know the difference is almost zero, so you choose where you want to go and buy.

As for application, I have mentioned already that you can originally find it ONLY in chinese. This is something that unfortunately Xiaomi does and users like me, translate them. This time the app is not translated by me, but from what I have see, you cannot find it at the Google Playstore or somewhere else. The name of the app is originally mentioned as 小米VR and you can download it form here:

The translated app can be found in English. If you check the images, you might see some stuff in Chinese. This is online information, so it cannot be translated. The app is divided in three pages. The 3rd page is in English and from there you can browse your mobile and see the video files that you have in, at your Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses.

You will have to log-in the page to see the text with the link, as it is for registered users only. You can easily log-in with your FB account, Google+ account, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. After logging, you will see a little text written in English and below that the direct link for downloading the Xiaomi VR Play app in English.

You can download the Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses App from here.



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