Get MJX Bugs 19 B19 5G wifi GPS 4K Camera Drone at $154.99 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


The MJX Bugs 19 B19 RC Quadcopter is completely ready to go and is suitable for beginners, but also for experienced pilots. Charge the battery before your first flight. Before each flight, especially the first, you will need to go through the calibration and wait until the required number of satellites are connected. The weight of 245 grams frees it from the need to register with the Ministry of Transport. Also included is a handy bag for storing and transporting the model. The B19 4K drone is equipped with professional and powerful brushless motors with individual electronic speed controllers.

The MJX Bugs 19 B19 RC Quadcopter is made out of ABS plastic, which is a durable and light material that is often used for drones. The plastic has a light grey color which looks simple and stylish. Also, it has foldable arms so it’s easier to transport. The automatic engine locking system installed on the ESC not only effectively protects them from premature failure, but also ensures flight safety. The MJX Bugs 19 B19 RC Quadcopter comes with a 4K camera, which can be controlled from the remote control (change the tilt angle, zoom in and out of the image directly in the M RC PRO app), and the image has a more stable picture due to the single-axis gimbal of the camera.

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The GPS positioning system makes flying controllable and worry-free. You will always know the exact location and direction of MJX Bugs 19 B19 RC Quadcopter. GPS with related functions such as Return to Home, Flyover Points, Follow Me, Orbit. B19 is equipped with optical positioning (Vision Sensor), allowing the drone to hold a position in addition to or in the absence of GPS signals as well as making the landing smoother and more accurate. The remote control itself also has a small black and white screen that displays telemetry data; such as signal strength, battery charge, and more. The remote control can be switched between two modes for left-handers and for right-handers (the throttle stick will be reversed). The remote control is powered by two AA batteries.

The MJX Bugs 19 B19 RC Quadcopter is flying on a Li-Po 2S 1820 mAh battery. The flight time is about 22 minutes. The control panel is made of high-quality plastic. The remote control has a mount for a mobile phone, which; using a special application, will connect to the quadrocopter via 5G WiFi and receive video.  MJX Bugs 19 B19 RC Quadcopter is a great drone for both beginners and semi-professional pilots. With the 4K camera, you’ll be able to make great footage in a high resolution. Also, the drone is foldable, thus very practical to transport, and with the flight features, you have a pretty easy job to make awesome footage. we can buy it from TOMTOP at $154.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping.


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