Get Niubility N1 Folding Electric Scooter at $289.99 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


The Niubility N1 is an electric scooter that can be a great choice even for those who have so far been deterred from buying a similar device by the maximum load capacity of about 100 kg or even the price. The scooter can be an excellent offer for anyone who wants to renovate a similar vehicle right now. In addition, thanks to TomTop, we can now order the device from a European warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about long delivery times and extra costs.

Buy Niubility N1 Folding Electric Scooter From TOMTOP

The scooter rolls on 8.5-inch pneumatic wheels, the vase is made of aluminium alloy; not incidentally foldable, so we will be able to save space during transport or storage. What is definitely worth mentioning about the appearance of the structure is that; it has its own built-in lighting in case of unfavourable lighting conditions. It can stop with an E-ABS system and disc brake, so safety will not be a bargain even with such a cheap scooter. The device weighs 12 kg, so you can get it easily under their armpits, say if there are stairs, and in terms of physical dimensions, they have dimensions of 1054 x 436 x 1150 mm.

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Inside the Niubility N1 is an electric motor with a rated power of 250 watts; which allows a top speed of 25 km / h, although this obviously depends; on the environmental conditions and the weight of the user. Fortunately, the scooter can withstand the training, a user up to 120 kg can bounce on it; and the manufacturer says the device will withstand it for a long time. Thanks to the engine working under the cover; inclines of up to 15 degrees are not a problem for the machine either. The structure not only has built-in lighting and correct brakes but also a tiny LED display; on which we can keep track of important scooter data. Speed, battery charge, etc.

Inside the Niubility N1, in addition to the engine, there is also a 7.8 Ah battery; which can provide a range of up to 20-25 km on a single charge; but this, of course, depends on many factors. If we lose full charge, it takes about 3-4 hours to regain battery capacity. The Niubility N1 can be an ideal choice for transport within a city or for commuting between two nearby towns. Especially lately, when public transport is less safe and not even as comfortable as it used to be. The electric scooter can now be ordered for only €227.79 by using Coupon Code: HYNNT from Tomtop’s EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.

Buy Niubility N1 Folding Electric Scooter From TOMTOP


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