Get QIDI TECH i-Mates Full Assembled 3D Printer at €439,29 From TOMTOP


The QIDI TECH i-Mates is a ready-to-use printer that requires no assembly out of the box. Unlike conventional DIY printers, the QIDI TECH i-Mates 3D Printer uses a more advanced metal frame and high-quality housing, which is manufactured in a full-mold design. This results in higher printing precision, stability, and durability. In addition to the standard 0.4mm nozzle hotend, the Qidi i-Mate S also comes with an additional 0.2mm nozzle hotend, ideal for printing precision models. Compared to its predecessor, the i-Mate S can be completely sealed with the included cover.

The overall metal frame and the printing platform weight reach about 13.58 kg, which is different from the DIY assembly structure, i-mate X, Y-axis keep running the print model horizontally. The z-axis structure gradually drops under the control of the program. Print with the large-size model, it will be more accurate and not shaken. The platform is more stable. Besides the 0.4mm extruder, the QIDI TECH i-Mates 3d printer adopts one set of 0.2mm hot-end which makes the printing details better. The front door and top cover make QIDI TECH i-Mates 3d printer in a closed environment and have the function of the constant temperature cycle.

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The magnetic printing plate is equipped with special magnets and a flexible metal plate. After printing, the plate can be easily removed and the printed result can be easily removed. In the event of a power failure during printing, the printer automatically saves the print progress; which can be used to resume printing afterward. The large and straightforward touchscreen interface allows you to keep an eye on the print status at all times. This makes printing more intuitive, more precise, and easier to use.

A TMC2209 driver chip keeps the operating volume very low at 50 decibels, so the printer does not disturb the surrounding environment. The improved Qidi software is suitable for all Qidi Tech 3D printers and is free of charge. . QIDI Technology has always adhered to the use of high-end industrial-grade FDM structure. The QIDI TECH i-Mates printing principle is different from the structure. When printing large models, it is more stable and more accurate! The print size is 260×200×200mm, which can basically meet the daily printing needs
Unique extruder. The QIDI TECH i-Mates 3d printer will be equipped with one set of 0.4 mm extruders and one set of 0.2mm hotend.

QIDI TECH i-Mates 3D Printer is a truly outstanding and most up-to-date item. Also, It comes with excellent features. Likewise, You can undoubtedly purchase this 3D Printer from TOMTOP at €439.29 (Inclusive of VAT) with Free shipping from Germany.


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