Get ready before going out for excursion. Grab in Flash Sales the waterproof Tronsmart Element T2 Speaker


Spring is around the corner, the weather is becoming hotter, so it’s time to get ready for walks in the nature, by the sea. So what better than to take your family or friends and go out. And of course you will need to hear some music, that you all like and without problem. For such occasions Geekbuying has an offer, the waterproof Tronsmart Element T2 speaker, so you can hear music at superb quality and without to hear that it will easily break down!

The Tronsmart Element T2 is made out of high quality plastic. The sound that comes out of the speaker is loud and clear. It is small in size, since is only 142 x 70 x 46mm and light with a weight 395g, so is very easy to carry around. The speaker features BT v4.2 as connection with other devices. This means that using the BT connection of your mobile, can connect with your speaker and hear whatever music you want from it.

Since the speaker is waterproof with a resistance rating of IPX56, you won’t be afraid that you can damage your mobile or other device that is the source of your music, you can set the speaker by the sea, lake, river, etc, without to fear that you will damage your device. Also because of the good quality and design, it can take drop up to 2 meters without any problem.

The Tronsmart Element T2 have to be in range of 15 meters from your source to hear the music and remain connected.It uses a ATS chip for functioning and with the big battery that has, can last up to 12 hours continues playing! The Speakers feature 2 x 3.5Watt speakers, in order to hear everything loud and clear!

So if you are searching how to make your life more beautiful, you must try the Tronsmart Element T2, which you can get it now only at Geekbuying at a very low price since it is in flash sales! Try the coupon code TRONSAUDT2 to get the speakers at the low price of $29.99!


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