Get Red 1419 3-Axis Mini Engraving Machine at $369.99 From Banggood


Designed for the absolute beginner, the Red 1419 3-Axis Mini Engraving Machine is a great tool for starting CNC learning. If woodworking is your hobby, you can use it to add features like curved words and exquisite patterns. If you are a student just learning CNC, it can help you engrave models that you are coding and designing. You will find the Red 1419 3-Axis Mini Engraving Machine an excellent self-learning tool that allows you to DIY your great projects on a cost-effective platform without the risk of damaging expensive equipment.

Red 1419 CNC Router  DIY laser CNC engraving machine makes the printing of the large project; possible with its build volume as 140 x 190 x 40mm. The selection of the whole machine parts is excellent; the printing/cutting/engraving of various consumables can be realized in different modes. Printing materials: PLA, ABS, TPU, PVA; CNC engraving/cutting: wood, paper, PCB, plastic, leather, etc. Full belt drive, intersecting the screw guide rail, the stability is even better, to ensure the high quality of the model. Printing speed 10-80mm/s. Laser power: less than 0.5W.

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High-quality wide-voltage power supply, mature technology, safe and secure, automatic voltage regulation, easy to use. TF card offline printing or online printing, power failure continued support. Red 1419 CNC Router  DIY laser CNC engraving machine made of aluminum and with red oxidation treatment, the all-metal fuselage is durable and good-looking. All axles of the machine are fixed by high precision flange bearings with straight-line electroplating, T8 screw rod with double nuts and the 304 stainless steel screws is non-oxidizing. Unique cooling system, laser module temperature will not exceed 25 degrees, engraving can work for a long time.

Widely used to soft metal (copper, aluminum), wood carving board, laser engraving, PCB, PVC, plastic, acrylic sculpture, etc. Red 1419 CNC Router  DIY laser CNC engraving machine is a learning kit for beginners, and it will be sent in an assembled finished product, don’t need to assemble it by yourself. Supports  Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10. You can buy it from Banggood at $369.99 in Flash Sale.


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