Get Remote Control Smart Fishing Boat at €58.15 From TOMTOP


Extend your reach… and get to the fish you never thought possible from shore with the RC Fishing Surfer! Bait the hook, troll the waters, and keep an eye on the bobber! This Remote Control Smart Fishing Boat can catch real fish up to 3.3lbs. Fishing boat design allows you to hook up a line from your surf rod & reel rig to deliver the line, hook and bait to the sea within 430-540 yards range.

Find the biggest fish, and the optimum fishing structures with the integrated Fish Finder unit, then use the radio remote control to release your bait exactly where you want. The boat is durable in the ocean with 3 -4 ft waves thanks to our innovative self-righting design. The boat will turn over automatically again after capsizing and is a tough workhorse designed to battle the elements. Our sealed hatch is designed to keep the internal compartment and electronics watertight.

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This Remote Control Smart Fishing Boat can quickly deliver your bait and tackle to the target area with our quality 9.6v electric/water-cooled brushless motor system. Use the Radio Controller to pilot your boat to the optimal spot to release bait and hook. 2 remote release points are built into our design. The RC Fishing Surfer includes an integrated factory-installed Tolson TF300 Fish Finder, that utilized the main battery supply. The radio can control the boat without losing contact and; the battery indicator on the transmitter will show the power of the battery for the boat.

Powered by a 7.4v/5200mAh rechargeable battery, can continue working for 2-3 hours. Wireless control makes it possible to release bait far in the lake, river, reservoir, and sea, and one large silo can hold about 3.3lb bait to allure game fishes. Easy operation for fishing lovers or beginners and also a nice RC toy for kids. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €58.15 (77%off, Inclusive of VAT) and ship it from Germany Warehouse.

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