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Roborock is known for its robot vacuums, which we have been testing for several years. But the Chinese brand also has stick vacuum cleaners, the second generation of which arrives with the Roborock H7. Discover the cleaning power of the Roborock H7 Stick Vacuum. This stick vacuum cleaner is the ultra-efficient household solution for impeccable results. Ideal for floor-to-ceiling cleaning, it is light and easy to handle. It can lift in high corners, from room to room. It easily converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum nearby surfaces like the sofa, car, etc.

You can also adapt its suction power thanks to the 3 speeds; and the suction power intelligently increases when a carpet is detected. It is ideal for people with allergies. It removes pollutants and allergens during cleaning thanks to a 5-part filtration system that captures moths, pollen, It is equipped with several accessories to adapt its use according to your wishes. Thus it has a carpet brush, dusting brush, a motorized mini-brush, a crevice tool, a flexible tube, a wall charging station to recharge and store the device. Its autonomy can last up to 90 minutes for a charging time of 2h30. The capacity of the tank is 0.5 l.

In terms of power, the Roborock H7 offers 480W and maximum suction power of 160 AW. It has a 0.5-liter waste bin and includes washable HEPA filters. The vertical vacuum has a weight of 1.46 kg, which is quite light; considering the type of use; that is intended to be made. Thanks to the various accessories it offers, it is possible to use the Roborock H7 vertical vacuum for any vacuuming need. Thus, it is possible to vacuum the floor, rugs, carpets, the corners behind the cabinets, the upholstery of the car, the mattresses, curtains, or even the corners of the ceiling, with ease and practicality.

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There is a magnetic charging base that allows you to charge the vacuum cleaner in just 2.5 hours and make the various accessories available; all in a very organized way and without taking up a lot of space. Charging it is really easy thanks to the MagBase, a magnetic storage system that allows you to collect all the accessories at once, transport them, and store them compactly in the base after cleaning. It also has safety mechanisms to prevent children from accidentally turning it on.

The total passage of the vacuum cleaner is 1.46 kg; which makes it easy to transport around the house and even outside it if we want to vacuum; for example, the car. The usability is very comfortable thanks to the fact that the suction mode can activate; at the touch of a button, so it does not have to be held down. Everything can see in real-time on the OLED screen; including the suction mode and the amount of battery remaining. The versatility of the vacuum cleaner is total since it has a multi-surface brush; a motorized mini brush ideal for cleaning mattresses and sofas, an extension tube, a flexible tube; a dust brush, and a tool for nooks and crannies. With this, you will forget about using any other vacuum cleaner at home, since the Roborock H7 can handle all types of surfaces.

The Roborock H7 thus offers an optimal user experience and, thanks to adding new features, fulfills the wishes of consumers. We can buy it from Geekbuying at €339 by using Coupon Code: ROBOROCKH7 for a limited time.

Update on Sept.2, 2021

Warehouse Product Name Link on Coupon Deal Prices($) Deal Prices(€)
Warehouse Product Name Link on Coupon Deal Prices($) Deal Prices(€)
ES Stock Roborock H7 Portable Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 160AW 420W Constant Suction 90 Minutes Run Time Fast 2.5-Hour Recharge 99.99% Particle Filtration Support Dust Bag OLED Display With Magnetic Accessories – Space Silver ROBOROCKH7 / €359.00

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