Get Samebike JG20 Smart Folding Electric Bike For Just €587.88 at Gearbest (Flash Sale)


The price-performance ratio is more than present among electric vehicles and it is increasingly easy to find those models that expand their specifications in each of the most relevant sections. In this case, Samebike JG20 is a bike available in various colors that don’t skimp on performance details. Samebike JG20 Smart is a mid-range Electric Bike that reaches the market with full folding capacity and high-quality materials, while the introduction of an LCD screen, high-power lighting, and support for weights of up to 150 kilograms make it in one of the most serious options found in stores today.

Buy Samebike JG20 Electric Mountain Bike From Gearbest

The Samebike JG20 Smart has the ability to fold completely through three steps simple. Which means that the handle can scroll down and the rest of the surface can fold in half. Thus passing of dimensions 160 x 57 x 118 cm to 92 x 57 x 61 cm. On the other hand, the bicycle has a front panel of the LCD type that shows all the driving data such as speed. Battery life and activated driving modes, while there is no lack of physical buttons to turn the lights on or off and even support for setting out the smartphone with a USB port to recharge the phone using the battery of the vehicle.

Samebike JG20 wants the user to have all kinds of comforts when driving on different types of surfaces. So much so that a suspension system has add to the front that effectively reduces sudden movement sensations. Also, its 20-inch tires are resistant and with a non-slip texture that adapts to different soils in the city. Finally, the bicycle has a powerful LED front light that ensures maximum visibility at a distance of two meters. Which means that there are no risks if you want to drive at night or in poor natural visibility. There is also a red taillight that helps other drivers of one’s presence on the road.

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The aluminum alloy construction ensures compatibility with people of all ages. And it is one of the few that supports maximum weights of up to 150 kilograms. There is also the freedom to change the height of the seat and the handlebars to find the perfect driving position.

The integrated motor is 250W of power and allows reaching maximum speeds of 25 km / h. With the ability to overcome slopes of up to 25o, logically with three modes of use that include one purely electric. Another hybrid that mixes pedaling and electric assistance, and one manual to turning it into a classic bicycle. Regarding the battery, there is an 8 Ah Lithium-Ion unit that helps to achieve an average of between 30. And 70 kilometers of autonomy depending on the type of driving chosen and whether the lights are active or not. Then, when recharging it takes approximately 4 hours to return to 100%.

In this section it is positive that the battery can remove and that it has some useful safety functions. Such as protection against overcharging or overcharging, maximum temperature control, circuit failures, water entering its circuits, etc. While the Samebike 20LVXD30 has a more powerful 350W motor, the top speed is the same on both, while the battery life gives the Samebike JG20 a slight edge, mainly in hybrid mode. That is why the final driving experience will vary almost nothing for those who choose one or the other model. We can buy it from Gearbest at €587.88 in Flash Sale.

Buy Samebike JG20 Electric Mountain Bike From Gearbest


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