Get SG107 4K Foldable Mini RC Drone at €28.79 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


The SG107 Foldable Mini RC Drone is small and light, easy to control, it is a good toy for indoor activities. If you are bored at home, this toy will accompany you well. Parents and children playing together can also improve parent-child relationships. SG107 RC Drone Latest High-Cost Performance Foldable And Switchable Dual Camera with 50X Zoom, With Multiple Functions And Application Modes. It is made of new materials and has excellent performance of strong anti-drop and anti-collision. Comes with an advanced control system and GPS positioning system to make your flight aerial creation safer.

In addition to a high-quality 4K HD camera With movie-level video resolution, 4k anti-shake HD dual camera, front camera able 90° adjustment, and 50x Zooming, 4 electric motors 1806 1700 kV are installed, which run brushless and are controlled very finely by a 30 A regulator. This results in extremely high flight performance, although each motor is only driven with 7.4 volts. To ensure that the UAV floats very stable and safely in the air without the pilot having to intervene, there is a 6-axis gyroscopic system. The gyroscope operates on 6 axes and thus ensures a very balanced trajectory of the quadrocopter. It is therefore very easy for beginners to learn to fly with the SG107.

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The compact construction allows very comfortable transport and in combination with the weight very high flight stability. The weight of the SG107 RC Drone is 176g, so you absolutely need a UAV license plate. When folded, the quadrocopter has the following dimensions: 33 x 33 x 5.5cm. When unfolded, it measures approximately 7 x 5 x 2cm. The new SG107 RC Drone has a Mini and beautiful appearance that makes the foldable drone more attractive and Looks great. The SG107 Foldable Drone has propeller protection on the propeller arms. The duration of the 1200-1400mAh Lipo Battery (Included) is approximately 20 minutes. Before flying, the battery must be charged for 180 minutes.

The drone is easy to use, with the button of one key takeoff and one key landing, simple to control the drone. The headless mode and the fascinating 360° rotation come in handy even for the drone newbies. With the speed adjustment function, you can adjust the speed at any time to ensure your flight safety. The trajectory flight function is to draw the flight route on the screen of the smartphone, and the drone will fly according to your route. Even in the night sky, the drone lights can illuminate the ahead way. If you want to fly at night, you never worry that you will miss your drone. Protective propeller guards to ensure a safe flight. High-quality ABS material to free your worries of a sudden shock or drop.

SG107 Foldable Mini RC Drone with a 4K camera, you can take photos/videos or gesture taking as you wish, and the adjustable camera can take you a sense of pleasure and joy in taking pictures. When going out, you can record every happy moment of you and your friends at any time. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €28.79 in a Flash sale for a limited time.


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