Get Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit at $24.99 From Youmeit in Flash Sale


Suorin Air Pro KIT is the fourth member of the Air series, which will delight lovers of compact devices. The design of the Air Pro has become even prettier, a new magnetic charging connector has appeared and the volume of the cartridge has increased. The Air Pro is not as thin and small as the first version, but slightly smaller than the Air Plus. The main thing is that Air Pro will feel great in your pocket and it is convenient to use.

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Metal is used as the body material. The case is smooth with a characteristic metallic sheen. There are 11 colors to choose from, among them there are plain, gradient, as well as with drawings, and patterns. The body is rounded on all sides, but the frame itself in the center has clear edges. By type of assembly, Air Pro is similar to a sandwich. The battery at the top is thicker than at the bottom, this should have a positive effect on ease of use. A narrow Fire button with a small battery charge indicator appeared on one of the faces. They positioned it as if it was only needed as a last resort if the puff sensor failed. It will be inconvenient to use it.

Built-in battery specifications have not changed compared to Suorin Air Plus. A 930 mAh battery is installed inside, which is very good for such a device. But the previously capacious cartridge has become even larger. As much as 4.9 ml of e-liquid can now be filled into the new Air Pro. 4.9ml in the POD system! Impressive. The cartridge looks similar to cartridges for previous versions, it is also non-separable. The heating element installed inside is made on a grid and so far it is offered in the only version with a resistance of 1 Ohm, but the manufacturer promises other options. The battery charge should be enough for a whole cartridge, and the cartridge can survive 6 full refills, which is equal to 30 ml of liquid.

Suorin Air Pro has all the protection you need and a 5-second puff cutoff. An interesting point concerns the charging of the built-in battery. For charging, you can use a regular Micro USB connector or a special docking station, which the manufacturer promises to show later. For these purposes, there are open contacts on the bottom of the sub-system, so the vape can be put on and removed from charging in one simple movement. All in all, the Suorin Air Pro KIT is a simple and user-friendly device that is a great addition to the Air series. You can buy it from Youmeit at $24.99 in Flash Sale.


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