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E-liquids based on salt nicotine in the last 2-3 years have not only become actively used by many vapers but have also pretty much replaced the usual formulations based on freebase nicotine. The main reason for the demand for such liquids is the ability to satisfy nicotine hunger in just three or four (the amount directly depends on the concentration) puffs. Naturally, you can’t vape them on standard tanks and RDAs, as this threatens to poison, so POD systems have become in demand. One of the first companies to produce devices of this format was Suorin. It is the devices of this manufacturer that have been in special demand for more than a year, and the developers do not stop their work, and the evidence of this is the Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit, which is sure to find fans and even fans.

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Suorin was one of the first to release POD systems, the model range of which was supplemented by Air Pro, which can pleasantly surprise vapers. The device is made in the original form factor – a flat device with rounded edges and corners, thanks to which it is most convenient to use.

Main Characteristics:

  • Manufacturer: Suorin
  • Dimensions: 96*45*12.7mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Body material: zinc alloy + plastic
  • Power supply: built-in 930 mAh
  • Cartridge capacity: 4.9ml
  • Vaporizer resistance: 1.0Ω
  • Output power: 18 w
  • Working mode: Power
  • Protection: low/low high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharging / over-discharging
  • Connector type: magnetic
  • Screen / diagonal: no
  • Charging: Micro-USB


It is quite logical that the POD system is completed in a very simple and banal way, but it is worth noting that Suorin rarely completes its devices in a special way. Therefore, the vaper box is waiting for:

  • Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit
  • Replaceable Air Pro Pod Cartridge
  • Micro-USB cable

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For many vapers who have started vaping nicotine salts, one of the first closed systems was Suorin, which is easy to use and delivers good flavor. At the moment, there are about a dozen different Suorin POD systems, but the developers do not stop – the rather popular Air Plus system was replaced by the Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit, which will pleasantly surprise vapers outside only with its design, but with the features of use.

The design of the Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit is a little like the previous version, but at the same time, it has become more stylish and original, especially since the device is flat, making it comfortable to wear and use. The device is quite small in size – 96 * 45 * 12.7 mm, and weighs about 80 grams. It is worth paying tribute to the company’s designers, who offer 11 device options, ranging from classic black and silver, ending with golden green or with a stylized American flag.

An important feature of the device is the presence of a new format connector; located on the bottom end of the device. Such chargers are becoming more and more popular among smartphone users since there is no power connector on the case, but there is a magnetic connector, with which charging is much more convenient. The Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit is a medium-sized POD system with a fairly powerful built-in battery that runs at constant power and is designed to use replaceable cartridges with a built-in vaporizer. The design of the new POD system is very similar to the recently released Suorin Air Plus, but with quite a few design changes in a positive direction.

The device has two charging options at once – standard and magnetic charging using a special connector, which makes the device as versatile as possible. The POD system works on replaceable cartridges with a built-in 1-ohm coil, which is perfect for vaping e-liquids on salt nicotine. You can buy Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit in eleven colors, and you can find both classic design options.

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The Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit is designed to run at 18W of continuous power; backed by a happy built-in 930mAh battery, so you’ll have a day of battery life. The battery is charged using the micro-USB connector located on the side of the device, with a current of 1A.

The Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit runs at a constant 18W of power and comes with all the protection you need. The device is activated in two ways – by tightening and using a small button located on the side panel. This single button also has an LED that changes color depending on the battery charge level.

Suorin Air Pro Pod Cartridge

Despite the fact that Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit is not the smallest device; the developers decided to use replaceable cartridges, not vaporizers, which increased the useful volume of the cartridge. In the battery pack, the cartridge is held by magnets, so it is not difficult to replace it.

The manufacturer offers only one version of cartridges for the Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit; with a resistance of 1 Ohm, but fans of nicotine salt e-liquids are unlikely to be upset by this fact since the built-in evaporator allows you to get a good taste. Airflow adjustment is not provided.

In order to refill the cartridge, it is necessary to remove it from the battery pack; turn it over, open the silicone plug and fill in 4.9 ml of liquid, which is very good.

Conclusions and impressions

The main buyers of the Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit are people who want a standalone and practical nicotine salt vaping device, and at the same time want to get a stylish modern accessory. The device will please with its simplicity, versatility, and ease of use and maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Stylish design;
  • Large selection of colors;
  • Ergonomic body;
  • Capacious battery;
  • Two charging options;
  • Activation when puffed and when you press the “fire” button;
  • Large volume cartridge;
  • Decent flavor.


  • Weak charging current via micro-USB;
  • Lack of airflow adjustment;
  • Only one type of cartridge.


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