Get the new MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear headphones for your kids and they will love you (with real images video and coupon)!


Having a small kid, is always a challenge. My son love technology, watching Youtube video online for kids, listening to music and he is only six! So except from toys for his age, I’m always on the search for gadgets that he could use. I thought to find something that would help him listen the music he likes, watch the video on Youtube he loves, whenever he wants, without to bother others around him. Still this gadget had to be and for his age, so to have the feel of a kid inside it. Searching around the web, felt on the MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear Bluetooth V4.2 headphones.and bought them.

The MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear Bluetooth V4.2 headphones came to with post, well protected from hits and falls. Opening the protective package, inside it was the box of the earphones. To be honest, looking at the image outside of the box, brought to me terror, as it showed some pink earphones. If I had a girl wouldn’t be a problem, but I have a boy. The good thing is that opening the box, the feeling left, as inside where the correct earphones that I have ordered!

Looking at the box outside, except from the image of the earphones, you can find various informations about the specs of the earphones.

If you don’t like the pink color that you see outside of the box or the black that I got for my son, don’t worry as the MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear headphones can be found in 5 different colors, so I’m sure you will find one to match your criteria.

As you can see you can find them in white, pink, red and black with different color at the ears. Inside the box except from the earphones, you will find a manual in English, a USB charging cable and a greeting card!

The earphones have a micro USB port from where you connect the cable that comes with with them, to charge the batteries that are included. You will also find a power button. At the first time only, press it continuously in order to see the blue lamp to blink. Then you will try to bind the earphones with your mobile or other device that you want to use with. The second time you will use the earphones, will be ready for use and will not need to repeat this procedure. Next to the power button are two buttons for increasing or decreasing the volume of the sound that you hear from the earphones.

On the earpud, you can see a button which when you press it, changes the mode that the lights at the earphones blink. Yes, the earphones have lights, which you seamless switch between modes, so you can look like with different earphones each time. In the video you will see how beautiful they look in the dark. They can really change your mood only looking at them!

The MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear headphones have a long lasting battery, every with the lights blinking, so you wont miss the fun that fast if you are afraid of using them. The earphones include a 300mAh rechargeable battery, which have enough power for listening to the music for 5 hours!

As for the connectivity, as we mentioned before, they connect through Bluetooth. The whole procedure is very easy and after that you are ready to watch or listen to your favorite media files

Watch now and an unboxing of the MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear headphones, with some live demonstration of them from my 6 year old son!

As you can see the MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear headphones are a really nice present for your kids. They are very light to the ears and for sure will make you feel the fun! A Kids’ Best Stylish Gift and Companion, that you can get him for Christmas or other occasion. You could order it from the Amazon shop of the company to have it fast! But before ending the order, don’t forget to use the coupon GE6OH4UL, in order to get the earphones for 40% OFF and for only 21.59$! If you want to check and for other Mindkoo activities and Amazon discount codes, you can always check this link, where you will be able to have the opportunity to get free products and discounts!

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