Get Two Trees TOTEM S 40W Laser Engraver at €158 From CAFAGO with Coupon


With a 300*300mm large worktable and a 40W fixed focus laser module, this TWO TREES TOTEM S Laser Engraver is easy to assemble and capable of delivering 5.5W 450nm laser for high-accuracy and high-efficiency engraving and cutting of various materials such as stainless steel, plastic, wood, paper and so on, which will never disappoint you. Stainless steel, anodized aluminum material, plastic, ceramics, wood, bamboo, paper, leather, rubber, sponge paper, etc. (NOT support engraving metal, stone, glass, reflective or transparent materials.)

This Two Trees TOTEM S Laser Engraver machine with an effective working area of 30 x 30cm, is made of aluminum and bakelite. It has a USB port, GRBL control, and offline controller, easily controlled with/without a computer. An extra 5000~5500mw laser engraver is included for more powerful engraving. It can be used to engrave all kinds of plastic, soft aluminum, wood, PVC, etc. which is an excellent inexpensive self-learning engraving tool! Made of aluminum and acrylic, it is lightweight, extremely sturdy, and durable. Output voltage 12 V / 5 A, input voltage 110 ~ 240 V. It comes with three Two tree motors for a better engraving performance.

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Compared with other brands of engraving machines, the 5.5W compressed spot laser has stronger engraving capabilities: 1. It can engrave directly on 304 stainless steel without blackening. It can engrave matte stainless steel at high speed. The engraving speed is more than 10 times faster than other brands of lasers. 2. Good at fast cutting, can cut wood boards from 3mm to 8mm, and the engraving depth is 0.5mm to 3mm, and the traces after cutting are finer. The upgraded lifting device and X-axis belt design are convenient for moving up and down (0~40mm) and better control of carving accuracy. Two Trees TOTEM S Laser Engraver machine is powerful. The ordinary laser spot is 0.16mm and the compressed spot is 0.08mm. With the same power, the smaller the spot the more concentrated the energy, which reduces the engraving time.

This TWO TREES TOTEM S Laser Engraver is ideal for greyscale printing; amateur laser engraving use has a weak light and free positioning. Support for Windows XP, Win 7, 8, and 10, and Linux, does not support Mac. Importable file formats: JPG, BMP, SVG, G-Code. Support software: Benbox / GRBL. working on Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horns, small leather (wallet), plastic phone case; rubber stamp, photosensitive stamp, and sponge paper. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €158 (Inclusive of VAT) by using the Coupon code: TCTOTEMS with Free Shipping from Germany.


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