Get Xiaoda Intelligent Electric Blanket at €52.07 From TOMTOP (Flash Sale)


The Xiaoda Intelligent Electric Blanket will be an additional source of comfort in your home. Just turn on the gadget for 20 minutes; soon it will heat up to 36 C – a comfortable body temperature. The heat level is intelligently adjusted within three temperature modes, allowing you to adapt the operation of the device to your preferences. When developing Xiaoda Smart Blanket, engineers paid great attention to safety; the device has built-in overheating protection systems, automatic heating shut down after 12 hours of operation, reduced operating voltage, and much more.

The Xiaoda Intelligent Electric Blanket has an intelligent PTC temperature control system with three levels of adjustment. Due to this, a constant temperature will be maintained at a given level. 20 minutes after turning on the heating, the temperature of the duvet may rise 35 ° C ~ 37 ° C; after which the intelligent constant temperature control will be activated according to the preset mode. While you shower and brush your teeth, a warm blanket is ready for you. The top 4 layers and bottom 3 layers of various fabrics are tightly wrapped; forming a composite heat conduction zone that distributes heat evenly and also doubles the level of comfort so that the entire body gets warm quickly.

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The surface layer of the Xiaoda Intelligent Electric Blanket is made of soft, breathable, delicate, and skin-friendly fabric. Xiaoda’s blanket heating system will automatically shut off after the operating time reaches 12 hours to avoid the discomfort caused by prolonged heating. To ensure safe heating, the voltage of the Xiaoda electric blanket is 21V; which is much lower than the human body safe voltage of 36V.

Traditional electric blankets are powered directly from the mains; while Xiaoda uses a special double insulation system; to convert the AC mains into harmless clean DC and isolate various electromagnetic radiation; in the electrical network to provide non-radiative heating even for the elderly and children. In order to achieve a more user-friendly heating method; it has been upgraded from the first generation Xiaoda Intelligent Electric Blanket with the addition of the Smart Mijia function. The blanket can now be remotely controlled using a smartphone, providing more convenience. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €52.07 (54%off, Inclusive of VAT) in Flash Sale.


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