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Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater is an air heater with Touch Screen Control and 2 heating modes and a well-thought-out protection system. During operation of the device, air circulation is created, efficiently and equally distributing warm air around the entire perimeter of the room. This way of functioning eliminates the possibility of overheating and excessively dry air in a specific place in an apartment or office.

Buy Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater at Geekbuying

Xiaomi’s bet has high efficiency. SmartMi 1S Electric Heater can quickly heat up to an area of ​​up to 45 square meters. In addition, this smart superheater has a very effective air circulation system, so that space is evenly heated. In fact, it stimulates air circulation. It is possible to set the room temperature between 16 and 28 degrees. Then the smart sensor ensures that. However, the fanless construction allows for quieter operation, without affecting the humidity of the room and without any airflow.

Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater comes with an integrated WiFi module. This means that users can control this device via the MIJIA app or the XiaoAI smart assistant. So you can turn it on remotely when you’re out to heat the house before you arrive. In addition, if you are lying down, you can continue and control the electric heater without having to get up. However, the application can also be used to adjust the heating temperature and define other features, such as child lock, etc.

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Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater also comes with an LED touch screen, where parameters such as temperature, time, the brightness of the backlight etc. can be adjusted. The electric heater has a protection rating of up to IPX4. This means that it is splash-proof. The fully enclosed internal structure and the special design of the drainage channel provide even more complete protection. The heat sink is completely isolated from the power supply board. Thus, the circuit is safer.

The Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater has a compact size and laconic appearance. It can integrate into the interior of any room; a place can allocate for it even in the smallest room. The height of the heater is 44.5 centimetres, the thickness of the case is 20 centimetres. we can buy it from Geekbuying at $169.99 by using Coupon Code: SMARTMI1S and ship from EU STOCK.

Buy Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater at Geekbuying


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