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The PRO version of the smart vacuum robot V2, designed by Viomi in partnership with Xiaomi, is undoubted, a happy unexpected surprise of 2019 in the Smart Home category. Cleaning and mopping will be even easier with this robot Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro is newly designed with a slimmer body to travel through tight spaces and is equipped with improved climbing abilities (up to 20mm) for unobstructed cleaning. The V2 Pro is also equipped with a washable HEPA Filtration to trap micro dust particles. This aids with maintenance, so you don’t have to constantly purchase new HEPA filters. Even with the strong suction power on the device, the Viomi V2 Pro maintains a low operation noise level at a hum of 69 – 76dB.

Buy Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro at Geekbuying

The Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro has a great battery life of up to 2.2 hours. If the V2 Pro ever reaches its low battery point (20%) the device’s breakpoint time function automatically recalls the robot back to charging station and resumes its task once charged to 80% power. Viomi designed the V2 Pro to cater to multiple cleaning modes. Thus, the V2 Pro uniquely comes with three large tanks (550ml) all of which serve different modes; Sweep, Mop, and Sweep + Mop (2 in 1 function). And what about the battery? It is a 3200 mAh unit, that charges very quickly and that lasts about 2 hours and a half.

The Viomi V2 Pro comes with a “made in Japan” brushless motor and a 2100Pa powerful suction, which can absorb floor dust and suck up large particles such as rice grains, soybeans, and steel balls. The wheels he disposes of, ensure an easy cross of obstacles up to 2 cm. There is the option for users to control the amount of water the Mop Mode dispenses (3 levels). The V2 Pro can use on a wide range of surfaces including carpets and vinyl floors. The innovative Mapping Technology on the V2 Pro includes smart Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM). This innovation expands the convenience of the Mi Home App to schedule cleaning of areas that require more attention.

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As with other Mi Home devices, users can observe the V2 Pro’s real-time tracking; through the Mi Home App – watch your Viomi robot vacuum build a virtual map around your house! Moreover, the App allows users to schedule the device cleaning time, avoid restricted areas by setting up virtual walls, and most importantly utilise the ‘room recognition’ function for multi-cleaning sessions. The real-time building of house terrain. Dividing Areas for Cleaning – Design cleaning in easily stained areas. 2150Pa Super Strong – Leave no large grain behind. Sweeping & Mopping in One – Mopping after sweeping makes floor cleaner. 560ml Large Volume Water Tank – No need for refilling even for 3-bedroom & 2-hall house.

This exceptional Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner comes with high suction power, a powerful application, and uses cutting edge technology. It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner that simply has no competition when it comes to wet cleaning. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $334.99 by using Coupon Code: NNNV2PRONEW and ship from EU Warehouse.

Buy Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro at Geekbuying


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