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Viomi returns with the third generation of the robotic vacuum cleaner, which this time brings the latest and most powerful technology and premium design. How does this model compare to its predecessor and the competition, how does it prove in practice? Thanks to the dynamic AI algorithm, the Xiaomi Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner scans the dirty environment, analyzes the information and calculates the optimal way to start cleaning, without leaving any corner uncleaned. The cleaning efficiency is thus improved by up to 30%.

Buy Xiaomi Viomi V3 at Geekbuying

You can control the Xiaomi Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner through the application, you have the option to choose when and in which rooms, or, perhaps, in the whole house. You can register 5 maps for each floor and on what day you schedule cleaning upstairs and when you want the vacuum cleaner to take care of the ground floor. The improved LSD navigation laser and other SLAM algorithm help generate more accurate maps that are easy to use in a complex environment.

With a maximum suction power of 2600 Pa, it will cope with the task you expect from it. The LDS laser navigation system enables it to scan the space faster and draw a map or floor plan. 12 sensitive sensors help him to get to know even such a complex environment, and with their help, he can easily avoid obstacles on his way. You can also set a cleaning schedule, and it’s also compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, making management even easier and simpler.

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Built-in artificial intelligence ensures its optimal path and efficient cleaning; thus shortening the time and improving the efficiency of the device. It allows three ways of cleaning, namely dry, wet and combined. You can use it on different floors, which is also enabled by the powerful 4900 mAh battery; which allows you to vacuum up to about 250 square meters.

The Xiaomi Viomi V3 robotic vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function is a practical device; that enables comprehensive cleaning and sterilization of floors. A reliable motor, a long-lasting battery that guarantees up to 1.5 hours of vacuuming; intelligent software, a large dust container with a capacity of 550 ml and the possibility to choose; from several operating modes with its help, cleaning becomes easier than ever before.

The brand belongs to the XIAOMI ecosystem and therefore uses the XIAOMI home app; giving you even more control over the device. With Xiaomi Viomi V3, your home will shine with cleanliness! We can buy it from Geekbuying at $441.99 by using Coupon Code: 20CYBERMO and ship from EU Warehouse.

Buy Xiaomi Viomi V3 at Geekbuying


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