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Are you too busy to go to the gym? Or trapped at home due to Coronavirus quarantine and unable to do activities? Don’t worry, with this Xiaomi Walkingpad you can keep exercising safely and comfortably. Its mini and foldable shape makes this treadmill from Xiaomi take up space unlike treadmills in general which have very large dimensions. Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro will be the best choice for your daily workout without any more distractions from outside the home.

Buy Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro at Geekbuying

The Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro is an upgrade from the previous edition walkingpad. This treadmill is able to reduce the noise made and the operation is also very stable. The design is made more practical and more modern. This Xiaomi Walkingpad is very suitable for use at night, the sound produced is not noisy so it will not disturb your neighbours or residents who want to rest. You can also be calm when doing exercise using this treadmill.

The Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro uses a foldable design that makes this tool take up less space when not in use. The A1 Pro is equipped with feet to speed control feature where when you want to accelerate you can go forward to the front area or when you want to slow down just go back to the back area of ​​this treadmill. This Xiaomi Walkingpad has two ways to move it, namely using the remote control or by using feet adjustment. This treadmill has a speed range from 0.5 Km / H to 6 Km / H.

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Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro is only 57mm high so you will feel like walking on a normal floor. The Xiaomi A1 Pro uses several layers so you can walk more comfortably. Xiaomi A1 Pro can be connected using various applications from the Xiaomi Mijia App. Data can also be recorded properly when using the App. A1 Pro can be linked to the Mijia APP and connected to the Xiaomi TV. When watching TV while exercising, sports data can appear in the upper right corner of the TV; when going out to work, the sports data can be checked at any time.

Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro Walking Machine gives you another way to enjoy sports. Put the WalkingPad walking machine at home or in the office, you can walk at any time. Whether you want to relax after dinner or after sitting for a long time, you can enjoy relaxing and quiet walking exercise. we can buy it from Geekbuying at $479.99 by using Coupon Code: WKPADA1PRO In Promotion Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Pro at Geekbuying


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