Get Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro Folding Smart Treadmill at €386 From CAFAGO


Do you have little time left to go to the gym during the day? Do you want to have a machine at home to exercise in your free time but you don’t have space? We know how important sport is for you and we want you to be able to walk in your home with the new Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro. Its foldable design means it uses 90% less space compared to normal treadmills. And with its small thickness, you can store it wherever you need it. Under a bed? Under a sofa? Wherever you want.

You can easily transport it from one room to another. Take it anywhere in the house and walk around while you watch your favorite series or film or keep it next to the computer to take a break and walk around. Speed can be adapted to your training needs as this new Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro can be controlled in three different ways, including manual and automatic mode. Thus, within the manual mode, you have the option to adjust the parameters of use through the included remote control or your smartphone.

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However, with the automatic mode, it will be your own pace that will adapt the speed, just by using its high precision sensor. This sensor measures both the position and the pace of the user, who increases the speed if it notices that you are too far ahead and decreases it if he notices that you are too far behind. Enjoy the best possible usability thanks to its total safety. As it is a high-quality model, Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro includes features such as its strong aluminum structure, which significantly improves both the stability and durability of the product.

Developed with EVA rubber cushioning which makes Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro able to reduce the impact of movements on your knees and ankles, avoiding possible injuries to your joints. The result is a highly resistant model that can withstand loads of up to 105 kg. Equipped with an LED panel that indicates the speed, distance, and time of training, it will allow you to have all kinds of information at a glance. This Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro is silent, smart, and sturdy to provide you a safe walking experience. It is foldable and compact which takes up little space, very convenient to store under the bed, desk, or furniture, perfect for home and office. We can buy it from CAFAGO at €386.00 with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse in Flash Sale.


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