Get Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light at €89.24 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


The Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light provides the most natural lighting with the ability to remotely adjust and work in a smart home system. The minimalistic design with laconic decorative elements will allow the lamp to organically fit into any interior.

The high-quality plastic housing is environmentally friendly, protection from moisture and dust ensures the safety of the lamp. A set of new generation LEDs provides a bright and soft glow without stroboscopic effects harmful to the eyes. The Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light is capable of delivering a luminous flux of up to 3900 lumens, which will fully illuminate a room of 25 m2, and the Ra95 color rendering index guarantees natural lighting. Adjusting the temperature of the light from a warm 2700 K to a cold 6000 K will allow the lamp to fulfill any role: from a night light or simulating candlelight for a romantic dinner to vigorous daylight for productive work.

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Thanks to wireless communication modules; the Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light can be included in the smart home system to change the lighting modes; based on sensor signals or by a timer. The lamp can turn on when movement is detected, turn off, focusing on the readings of the fitness bracelet when its owner fell asleep, or change the nature of the lighting according to any given scenario. At the same time, it is always available for adjustment using a Bluetooth remote control, an application, conventional switches, or commands for a voice assistant.

Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light traditionally has a night light function – the new model emits natural comfortable light at ultra-low power. Dim lighting is eye-saving but enough to see the road in the dark. The luminaire comes with high-quality LEDs with high color rendering index. It allows you to correctly reproduce colors and smooths out the negative consequences for vision due to lack of illumination. Artificial light becomes almost equal to natural light.

The design of the Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light fits seamlessly into the Yeelight product line; it blends perfectly with other products to help create a truly smart yet stylish home. We can buy it from CAFAGO at €89.24 in Flash Sale.


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