Get your TV Box Low to 9.99$ from Geekbuying at Flash Sales!


I guess we all would like to have a way to make our old TV a Smart TV, and to be able to watch video from YouTube, surf around the internet and watch the latest movies or series with friends and family. Geekbuying is giving this opportunity with Flash Sales for TV Boxes. With that you will be able to find the suitable TV Box for you, at a low price.

Geekbuying has separated the TV Boxes that participate in the Flash Sales in to 5 categories. Each category has the best that you can find in the category, at the best price. Let us see what each category has for us.

2017 Flash Deal

In the Flash Deal category you can find TV Box that are in good prices, like the Official International Version of the XIAOMI 4K Mi Box for only USD 69.99, R-BOX Pro for only USD 74.99, Tronsmart S95X for only USD 59.99, GeekBox Open Source Cross TV BOX with MXMIII Android 5.1& Ubuntu Dual Boot 4K RK3368 Octa Core for only USD 72.99, Tronsmart S96 for only USD 64.99, VORKE Z1 for only USD 74.99, R-TV BOX MINI for only USD 34.99 and the KII PRO Hybird STB DVB-T2 DVB-S2 TV BOX for only USD 74.99.

2016 Top 10

In this category, Geekbuying has for us the Top 10 for 2016, that are still Top and now. Check out the International Version of the XIAOMI 4K Mi Box for only USD 69.99, Vorke V1 for only USD 154.99, MINIX NEO U1 for only USD 119.90, Q-BOX 4K for only USD 54.99, D202 DVB-T2 Live TV HD Digital TV Receiver TV Tuner Satellite Receiver TV Stick For Android Phone & Tablet for only USD 19.99, ZIDOO X9S for only USD 149.00, R-BOX Pro Amlogic S912 for only USD 74.99, K1 PLUS for only USD 58.99, MXQ 4K for only USD 28.99 and the Tanix TX5 Pro for only USD 45.99

New Arrivals

You can always check out the Latest Arrivals at Geekbuying, like the M9S MIX for only USD 62.99, Z69 4K UHD Smart TV BOX for only USD 39.99, Tanix TX8 MAX TV BOX for only USD 67.99, M9S Z8 TV BOX for only USD 54.99, MEEGOPAD T09 MINI PC for only USD 129.99, CS668 4K TV BOX for only USD 54.99, H96 PRO+ TV BOX for only USD 76.99 and the VORKE V2 Ultra Compact PC for only USD 399.99.

9.99$ – 99.99$ Zone

If your budget is limited, but still you are searching for something good, in the 9.99$ – 99.99$ Zone you can find for example the NEXBOX MXQ PRO Smart TV Box for only USD 29.99, Tronsmart M1000 EZCast for only USD 19.99, COOWELL V5 TV Dongle for only USD 32.99, Tronsmart T3000 EZCast for only USD 19.99, Anycast AM8252 WIFI Dongle for only USD 12.99, Measy A2W Cable for only USD 9.99, EZCast Wire HDMI 1080P for only USD 24.99, Measy B4TS TV BOX for only USD 43.99, M9 PLUS Smart TV Box for only USD 56.99 and the NEXBOX Z68 RK3368 TV BOX for only USD 47.99.


If you already have a TV Box and you want to enhance your experience by adding some Accessory like a keyboard or something else, you can check the Rii i8+ Israel Hebrew Language 2.4G Wireless Backlight Keyboard for Smart TV, TV Box, HTPC, PC with Multi-touch up to 15 Meter for only USD 19.99, B.O.W Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-in Multi-touch Touchpad for only USD 24.99, Tronsmart TSM01 English Version Air Mouse + Keyboard for TV Box / PC / Motion Sensing Games for only USD 16.99, GeekBox Landingship Open Source PCBA w/ MXM3 MIC CSI CAM MIPI-DSI APDIF Headphone Interfaces for GeekBox for only USD 24.99, DuPont Line Heat Shrink Tube Jumper Wire Set for GeekBox for only USD 2.99, USB TO TTL UART Module Serial Converter for GeekBox for only USD 0.99, Slim High-Speed Cooling Fan for Geekbox for only USD 7.99, Crystal Case for Geekbox for only USD 3.99, MiniTV Open Source 7.9 inch 1024×768 Touch Screen Display for GeekBox for only USD 59.99, 5dB WIFI Booster Antenna 2PCS for GeekBox for only USD 6.99, RTC Battery for GeekBox for only USD 3.99 and the DIY MXM3 Interface for GeekBox LandingShip for only USD 5.99.


It is a good thing to have the ability to watch whatever you want even in your old TV. So go over to Geekbuying to choose what TV Box you are going to get and enjoy staying at home with family or inviting your friends!


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