Giiker Cube Review – 3×3 Black Puzzle Toy at Lowest Price From Amazon


The Giiker Cube is the world’s first 3 × 3-speed smart cube. It has Bluetooth sensors in the centre caps that allow you to wirelessly track the status of your cube as you rotate it. Sticker scheme is the traditional colours! The app has guides as well as games and other fun things that you can do with your new smart cube! It is a great gift.


Made of long-lasting and eco-friendly ABS material, non-fading stickers with vivid colours, Giiker Cube is ideal for increasing people’s intelligence and releasing the working pressure of adults. Suitable for beginners and professionals. Giiker Cube is an app-enabled 3 x 3 x 3 cube that connects to your phone/tablet and tracks your movements in real-time. Anyone can make the cube in a few steps. Learn together how to solve a fast and interactive way, play games and battle online with other cubes from around the world.


Built-in low-power Bluetooth module, can sync the speed Giiker Cube on your smartphone or tablet in several seconds, innovative software and hardware interaction mode. Built-in lithium battery recharges for about 70 minutes and lasts more than 30 hours on a single charge. 3D animation guide, the application has various interactive tutorials and games. Even if you are a beginner, Basic 0 can be restored easily. It automatically obtains the interrupted state of the Giiker Cube and provides quick restoration guidance of about 30 steps. Smart action monitoring and error indications. 9 levels from shallow to deep, step by step to teach you to master reduction skills; really easy to learn the magic cube in interesting mode. Play online, connect with players around the world, a match in real-time and compete; with Magic Cube players in over 170 countries and regions online.


easier to charge the Giiker Cube in the headphones and be a stand to support your smartphone and tablet. Great Christmas gift for all ages. We can buy it from in Flash Sale at Lowest Price.


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