Give life to your party or house with the Z®ZDM 5M Strip Light


The Z®ZDM 5M Strip Light, is a 5 meter light source in the form of a cable. The source for the light is the 3528 SMD, which will give you a lot and vivid colors. With the remote you can control from here and do what ever you want to do.  The good thing is that is the Z®ZDM 5M Strip Light is waterproof with IP44 certification, so you don’t have to worry about dust or water.

The Z®ZDM 5M Strip Light is also very flexible and can take the shape you want, in order to make shapes or to be placed in non straight areas. It features EU and US plug type, so no need to search for extra adapters. For energy needs any kind of electricity that is of AC 100-240 voltage.

We have already mention that comes with a remote controller. With it you can vary the program “played” by the Z®ZDM 5M Strip Light from 1.Wave, 2.Sequential, 3.Glow, 4.Flash, 5.Slow Fade, 6.Twinkle, 7.Continuous or 8 a combination of all ways mentioned before, so you will never get bored. It has all the necessary certifications of well being like RoHS, CCC and CE.

The Z®ZDM 5M Strip Light is definitely is pleasant and very likable add-on for every party, or for some special decoration in the house. I have found it at the and it can be yours at the price  of $6.99 if you use the coupon code 123LED and of course with free shipping!


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