Huawei Honor 7X Release Time Exposure, Or Use A Full Screen And Narrow Design


September 21 news today there are suggesting that the legendary Huawei Honor 7X will officially debut. According to news, last month someone has exposed on the Internet Honor 7X appearance, many people have begun to look forward to waiting for the release of the Huawei Honor 7X. And today there are two pictures were exposed from the exposure of the picture Look, the smartphone may be Huawei honor 7X. Let’s take a look.

 It is reported that microblogging users exposed glorious new conference posters, said the glory will be held on October 11 in Xi’an Jiaotong University held a new conference of glory. From the poster we can see the narrow frame of the phone profile, this phone may use a comprehensive screen design, if not guess wrong, this phone will be Huawei’s first full-screen mobile phone.

There are microblogging friends exposed Huawei Honor 7X photo proofs, we can see this new phone equipped with a dual camera. And before that, Kumamoto technology has been in the microblogging broke the news, said “Huawei Honor 7X first full screen also came,” from this information. Huawei Maimang 6 and Huawei Honor 7X from the same team, two phones have some of the same places, Huawei glory 7X will use 5.93-inch display, equipped with Kirin 659 processor, with 12 MP +2 MP dual camera, front lens for the 8 MP, the battery capacity of 3240 mAh, and Huawei Maimang 6 is basically the same.

It is noteworthy that, according to the sources in the microblogging broke the news, if the Huawei MaiMang 6 and Huawei Honor 7X from the same team, then these two new opportunities have the same display, battery, charging speed, the same camera, and The same processor. Therefore, in the outgoing Huawei MaiMang 6 will be used in the case of a full-screen design, it means that the Honor 7X is also a full-screen models, coupled with the opportunity to launch in the near future, so naturally, hope to become the first full glory of the screen model.

As for the release date of the Huawei Honor 7X, it is expected to be launched in September this year, as well as including the glory 6, play 6C and MaiMang 6 and other models have appeared. And according to the information on the microblogging disclosure of the argument, the Huawei Honor 7X code-named “Bond”, so the latest access to 3C certification of Huawei’s new machine BND-AL10 should be the Honor 7X full high-pass version, support 5V / 2A charge output, And by Guizhou Fu Zhikang, Huizhou Great Wall and BYD precision three productions.

Although the overall configuration of the Huawei Honor 7X fairly well, because of the positioning of the market, so the price is still quite reasonable. According to friends in the posted it broke the news that the Huawei Honor 7X standard or 1499 yuan or 227.29 USD, and high with maybe 1799 yuan or 272.78 USD. Of course, the specific information we have to wait for Huawei to announce the official announcement.


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