Google Announced a New Naming and Logo For the Android System: Android 10 is Coming


Just Google announced a major change in the Android system, not only changed the brand new logo, the naming method has changed, this year’s Android Q official name is Android 10 after the Android system will give up the name of the letter to a more simple and easy to remember digital naming.

After releasing the first generation of Android system in 2008, the Android Android system is upgraded every year. The naming method of Google is Android+ code. This code is also regular, except for the first generation is Android 1.0, after 2009 Named after the name of a certain dessert, the first letter of the dessert will be deferred in alphabetical order. The official name of Android 9.0 is Android Pie, referred to as Android P. This year’s new Android system should be Android Q.

However, everyone will not be able to name the official Android Q, because Google announced a new naming method, Android Q is Android 10, in fact, this is back to the first generation of digital name naming.

Google explained that the change of naming is to avoid misunderstandings in different parts of the world. In some languages, L and R are indistinguishable, so the name of Android Lollipop will be confusing. In other places, the pie is not a dessert, anyway, the previous letter is named. It is possible to cause confusion and it is not easy to remember.

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In addition to major changes in naming, Google also announced a new Android logo, android font color changed from green to black, this is also easy to read, because green fonts in some environments, there is no problem with black.

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