Google Pixel 2 Renderings Unveiled Android O and Snapdragon 835


There are some renderings about Google Pixel 2 unveiled today. According to industrial design, this smartphone uses a symmetrical and balanced concept, the front design continues three virtual buttons, on the bottom is the dual speaker, it has single camera and U type signal design covered on the whole body.

But currently, the popular design like ultra high screen to body ratio, the fingerprint scanner on the front design, dual rear camera has not been seen. Later on, there is someone found to be Milineam N from Los Angeles, in fact these several renderings were released from October 7, namely the time is Google Pixel was released two days later. According to OS UI, it should be Android7.0 OS.

According to Google practice, Google Pixel 2 should be built in Android O based on Android8.0 OS, maybe it should be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, stay tuned here.


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