Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 Specs, Price Comparison: Which Latest Generation Phone Is Better


Google presented its second series of Pixels. They are positioned in the top range and are keen to compete with Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. The direct comparison, if nothing else but the fact that the two presentations took place less than a month away from each other, is with the new iPhone. Few common points, many differences.Here’s is our detailed Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 comparison to help you pick the right phone this holiday season.

The versions

As is customary for the Cupertino giant, Google has also chosen to launch two versions of its device. Unlike what’s seen on iPhones, however, the differences between Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are aesthetically more pronounced than those in the two Apple models. Separate speech for the iPhone X which, even stylistically, makes history in itself. It’s not just a matter of tones (the XL version has a white-black bicolor) but overall design.

The Pixel 2 standard resembles its predecessor: it does not extend the screen’s width and the edges remain consistent, as in the iPhone 8. The Pixel 2 XL, however, sees the trend already seen with iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and other competitors: Borders reduced to offer a greater use surface. The style difference is (also) a consequence of production choices: the Pixel 2 is in fact labeled Htc, the Pixel 2 XL opted instead for an LG hardware.


The smartphone world is increasingly moving to OLED screens, but Apple continues to use LCD panels on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The Pixel 2 sports a 5-inch P-OLED display. It offers a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel density of 441ppi. The iPhone 8, on the other hand,  has a slightly smaller 4.7-inch LCD screen with 1334 x 750 resolution and 326ppi pixel density. The Pixel 2’s OLED screen offers much better clarity and contrast ratio than the iPhone 8.

Neither handset offers an edge to edge bezel-less display. However, each device has a few tricks up its sleeves. For instance, Apple’s phone has a True Tone feature that automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the screen to suit the surrounding light. The Pixel 2 comes with an Always-On display, which lets you see the notifications and time without having to wake up the phone. It can also identify the songs playing around you, and show you the title and album on the lock screen.

Design And Dimension

Neither the Pixel 2 nor the iPhone 8 has a great design. The iPhone 8’s design is three years old, and the Pixel 2 retains the look and feel of its predecessor, which already had a pretty ordinary design. The Google Pixel 2 has a metal and glass back. The fingerprint sensor is located near the center of the rear panel. When you look at the Pixel 2, the first thing you notice is the sizeable bezels around the display. It measures 145.7 x 69.7 x 7.8 mm and weighs 143g.

The iPhone 8 also has thick bezels at the top and bottom of the screen. The bottom bezel houses the home button and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 8’s rear panel is made out of the glass to facilitate wireless charging, though it has a metal frame. It is only slightly thinner and smaller than the Pixel 2, measuring 138.43 x 67.31 x 7.37 mm. The iPhone 8 weighs 148g. Both the Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 lack the 3.5mm headphone jack, forcing users to rely on a dongle or buy wireless headphones.

Apple’s device uses the Lightning port for charging, while the Pixel 2 charges via a USB Type-C port. Both the Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 come with an IP67 rating for water-resistance. It means they can remain submerged in three feet deep water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 8 comes in Gold, Space Grey, and Silver colors. The Gold color really stands out. In contrast, the Pixel 2 is available in Clearly White, Kinda Blue, and Truly Black colors, none of which seems remarkable.


If the Pixel style does not steal the eye for elegance, the real challenge will be under the body: during the iPhone 8 keynote presentation, Apple highlighted the features of the new A11 Bionic processor, faster than 25% previous issue. Geekbench, a platform that measures the performance of various devices, confirmed Cupertino’s promises, with a score of 10,170 points for the iPhone 8 and 10,472 for the iPhone 8 Plus. Good Pixel results, albeit still far from Apple: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Adreno 540 GPUs produced 6248 points, in line with the Galaxy S8 results.

Operating systems

When it comes to operating systems, it’s not just a challenge between two smartphones but between different groups and philosophies: on the one hand, we have Google, the creator of Android; on the other Apple iOS father. The Pixel 2 will mount Oreo, the latest version of the square – while the iOS 11 comes with the iPhone 8. Within them, more and more space is gained by the two digital assistants: Google Assistant, who may also be interrogating “squeezing” the edges of the phone, and Siri.


Apple chose a midway between a secure past and the trend of the moment: it then mounted a twin 12MP camera on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, while chose the single on the iPhone 8. No surprise, Google opted – both in the standard and in the XL version – for only one rear lens ( 12MP ) in addition to the 8th front. Despite a more conservative choice, the findings are good: Dxomark, a specialized site for camera evaluation, has promoted Pixels 2 with 98 points, 8 more than the predecessors and four more than the iPhone 8 Plus.


To be honest, both phones are not cheap flagship smartphone, Google Pixel 2 offer for the 64GB version of $ 649, 128GB version of $ 749. While the iPhone 8 64GB US version of the offer for the 64 GB version of 699 US dollars, 256GB version of 849 US dollars. iPhone 8 has been listed in the country and adequate supply. While Google Pixel 2 cannot be listed in mainland China, so only the sea Amoy or parallel to replace the purchase.


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