Google Pixel 3 Without Notch Appears For the 1st Time In Photos


The size of the rumors focused on both the Pixel 3 XL and its gigantic notch at the top of the screen that there was virtually no room for the smaller model, the common Pixel 3, to appear in the leaks. Today, it was first spotted in photos and eventually fell on Reddit topics. Luckily, this model does not have any kind of cutout on the screen, only the corners were rounded.

The new Smartphone does not have any kind of notch, but that means it has pretty significant upper and lower edges. They house two front cameras at the top, as well as a set of stereo front speakers – one piece at each edge.

Aesthetically, the common Pixel 3 pleases me much more than the confusing and bizarre design of the Pixel 3 XL and should also appeal more to the group of consumers who did not like the notch of the larger model, leaked countless times so far.

On the back, the smaller cell phone is practically identical to the larger model, but, of course, has a carcass of smaller proportions. The rear camera remains a single sensor, and the digital reader is positioned just below the “border” between the frosted and glossy textures on the rear glass cover.

The only hardware details revealed by this leak are the display and the cameras. The common Pixel 3 will have a Full HD + 5.5 “screen with a density of 440 pixels per inch. The format is already standard 2: 1 (18: 9) and HDR technology is supported. But what should make the difference on this screen, however, is its refresh rate, which is 60 Hz, twice the average handset currently. This should make Android animations look much more fluid and the system as a whole look more “smooth”.

As for the cameras, it looks like Google has entered the wave of variable aperture sensors. One of the front cameras was listed in this hardware information screenshot with two possible apertures: f / 1.8 and f / 1.2. The second camera only has f / 1.8 and both counts with 8MP.

The Pixel 3 and the 3 XL should be presented by Google in early October this year and made available on the international market later this month. In addition, the handsets would initially come exclusively to a US carrier called Verizon and would then be available from other telephone companies there. Google itself should still sell an unlocked version on its official website.

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