Google Pixel 3a Has the Best Camera In a Mid-Range, According to DxOMark


Google Pixel 3a was introduced back in May, but experts from the reputable portal DxOMark have just now published their review of the smartphone’s camera. As usual, the experts appreciated the photo and video capabilities of the available “pixel” in different shooting conditions, revealing all the strengths and weaknesses of the device.

Recall that Pixel 3a got the characteristics typical of middle-class smartphones, but Google supplied the main camera with the same one as the flagship Pixel 3. This is the only 12MP module with a pixel size of 1.4 microns, a lens with f / 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization. In addition, Pixel 3a supports all of the software features available in the older model, including an advanced night mode.

When shooting photos, DxOMark experts noted good detail in almost any conditions, accurate target exposure, excellent color reproduction, as well as fast and correct autofocus.

The obvious drawbacks they attributed to the loss of sharpness at the edges of the frame, dips in the shadows in good light and the cool shade of photos when shooting on the street. In the case of shooting in portrait mode, the smartphone unnaturally separates the object from the background and often makes mistakes with blurring.

When recording video, resource staff identified low noise levels even in low light, fast and accurate autofocus, bright and saturated colors, especially indoors and in low light, and effective stabilization performance.

With a thorough analysis of the captured clips, the experts noticed a light pink tint on the video taken on the street, noticeable underexposure in low light, low detail in any conditions and obvious frame jumps when shooting panoramas.

Google Pixel 3a got 103 points for the photos – the same as the regular Pixel 3. But for the video Pixel, 3a was awarded only 95 points, which is 3 less in comparison with the flagship model. Because of this, the final smartphone score was 100 points – 1 less than Pixel 3.

In short, the Google Pixel 3a proves to be an excellent proposition for anyone who wants a smartphone with a good camera. Not the best on the market, but for the price you are asked for, you will not find it better.

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