Google Pixel 4 VS Apple iPhone 11 Pro Photo Comparison


Google introduced the dual-camera system for the Pixel series of mobile phones in the Google Pixel 4 series officially launched last night, including a 12MP wide-angle main camera and a 16-megapixel telephoto sub-photograph, the latter of which can be optical Mix the focus with the digital to provide 2x zoom.

Both cameras in the Google Pixel 4 series support optical image stabilization and support dual-pixel phase detection autofocus. In terms of functions, it adds astrophotography mode to Night Sight night mode, as well as Live HDR Plus, dual exposure new features, and enhanced portrait mode and white balance color accuracy.

In the face of such a “strong enemy”, can the iPhone 11 Pro, which was just launched in September, be able to withstand it?

Recently, foreign media used Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro to take a set of contrast proofs, focusing on the performance of these two phones when shooting daily scenes. It is worth mentioning that this group of samples did not test the performance of the two phones at night, and the new celestial photography mode of Google Pixel 4, and the “deep integration” function of the iPhone 11 Pro has not yet been officially launched.

The comparison sample is as follows (left Pixel 4丨 right iPhone 11 Pro):

In general, Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro are very stable in daytime lighting conditions, Google Pixel 4 is better at restoring the color of the subject, while the iPhone 11 Pro is more inclined to create a soft cool tone. In addition, in the second comparison proof, you can also see the difference in metering between the two phones. Google Pixel 4 prefers to keep the highlights, while the iPhone 11 Pro brightens the dark areas by brightening the entire picture.

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