Google Pixel 6 Pro Tensor Chipset Comes with two Extra-Large Cores


Google will release its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro flagship phones this fall.

The biggest difference from the previous Pixel series is that it comes with a home-grown chip, code-named Tensor.

According to Roland Quandt, Google hired Qualcomm chip engineer Leon Chang to build its own mobile chips.

Then there’s the Tensor chip on Google’s Pixel 6 Pro. The Tensor chip, it turns out, is also a combination of super-core, big core and small core.

Specifically, the Tensor chip consists of two Cortex X1 supercores, two large cores and four small cores at 2.8ghz, 2.25ghz and 1.8ghz.

In contrast, qualcomm’s Flagship processors such as Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 888 Plus are all a Cortex X1 supercore, though the Snapdragon 888 Plus’ X1 supercore has a higher frequency, exceeding 3GHz.

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It’s worth noting that the Google Tensor chip is based on Samsung’s 5nm process and will debut with the Pixel 6 series.


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