Google Pixel Watch Design Leaked


According to Android Central, a missing smartwatch has been spotted at a restaurant in the US, and from the looks, it could be Google’s first Pixel Watch. It’s worth noting that in a new filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office earlier, Google applied to trademark the term “Pixel Watch”.

According to the report, the Pixel Watch could be released during Google I/O next month, and the missing Watch could be an “internal Pixel team test model” that was found in a restaurant. The source asked Android Central not to publish their names or restaurant names, including locations, to protect their jobs.

The leak is reminiscent of an iPhone 4 prototype that was previously lost and found in a bar, disguised as an iPhone 3GS.

If the images are real, this is the first time we’ve seen the rumored Google smartwatch dubbed “Rohan.” 9to5Google found code hidden in a Google update that indicates the Pixel Watch will use an Exynos chipset instead of a Snapdragon chip found in most Wear OS-compliant watches.

Igeekphone has learned that the watch in the image looks almost identical to the rumored rendering, with a minimalist design and a nearly bezel-free screen. The image also confirms one color the watch is rumored to come in: black.

It has been rumoured that the watch will have a rotating crown and possibly two hidden buttons.

As you can see from the picture above, there is at least one button next to the crown.

Based on the images above, the watch appears to have a proprietary Band from Google that looks very similar to the Apple Watch sports band and appears to be attached directly to the watch’s case.

The source said the bottom of the watch “looks metallic but feels like it’s coated with glass”.

In the particular image shown above, you can see what looks like edges and corners in one of the straps. It is possible that this is just an engineering sample for testing and will not appear in the production version.

While not sure, it is speculated that the watch may also support the Qi standard, allowing wireless charging.

The source said that when they tried to activate the watch, nothing happened after the start mark, as can be seen in the picture above. That could mean the watch doesn’t have an operating system yet, and Google should be using its new Wear OS 3 system, which it developed with Samsung.

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The bottom of the watch box reads: “This device is not authorized in accordance with federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada regulations, nor has it been tested for compliance with EU regulations.” It also notes that the model is “for internal testing and development only” and that “marking and packaging are not final.” For privacy reasons, Android Central blurs parts of the box.


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