Google Pixel XL VS iPhone 7 Plus, Which One will you Choose?


Yesterday, Google has officially released the new flagship smartphone, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Although we can consider Nexus has changed the name, according to the news, Google has strongly not emphasized the factory, HTC, even not mention in the press conference, and change the logo to ‘G’ instead of the previous models of Nexus.


This two smartphones are designed by Google Hardware team which look like Apple, it uses the virtual three buttons under the screen and back fingerprint scanner to show the understanding for Android. In design, the back uses the glass up and metal down, and the thickness also has some difference.  Today other media has confirmed that Pixel smartphone can support IP53 Waterproof and dustproof, which has large gap from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with IP68 waterproof and Iphone 7 plus with IP67 waterproof. IP53 means it can eliminate the spray water with harmful effect in the vertical direction of 60 degrees.



We can confirm Google Pixel indeed runs Android7.1 OS with some unique features that Nexus doesn’t have, such as desktop launcher, google assistant, google Gallery with unlimited backup, camera technology, special homepage navigator, etc.  Right now Google Pixel XL sells at $769 same as iPhone 7 Plus, which one will you choose?


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