Google’s top Administartors Ordered to go after ChatGPT: Make AI ubiquitous in products


Google’s senior management has announced “red directives” that require all of Google’s major products, including those with more than 1 billion users, to integrate generative AI technology within the next few months.

Artificial intelligence was already Google’s strength, but the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT caused considerable anxiety within Google.

Now Google’s directive is part of an effort to catch up with ChatGPT, transform the company and stay competitive. For example, Google announced in March that creators on its YouTube video platform will soon be able to use AI technology to virtually change their costumes.

In the long run, it probably doesn’t matter that OpenAI has stolen the spotlight in recent months, because Google has a very deep track record here.

The company has been using machine learning to drive its advertising business, as well as incorporating AI into key consumer products such as Gmail and Google Photo albums.

But many also worry that there are risks associated with generative AI, making Google reluctant to rush these technologies to market.

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In the search market, for example, chatbots seem to provide an answer from a developer, which is inherently riskier than replying with a link to another site.


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