GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter RC Selfie Pocket Drone RTF Review by @RCMOMENT (Coupon Inside)


Drones are becoming the new trend in today’s time. People just love to fly these small gadgets, earlier flyers face problem to carry a large size quadcopter along them, however since the foldable drone has come to the picture, everything has changed. They can also be used for taking selfies, which also termed as Dronefies or Drones.Someone who knows from drones, the first thing that will say after seeing the GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter, is that it is an Elfie Love clone. To be honest, most of the characteristics of the GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter are identical with the Elfie Love quadcopter.

While folded has the size of 10 x 6.3 * 0.95cm, when the arms are extended it has the size of 12.5 x 6.3 * 2.8cm.This is a pretty compact-sized drone. The GoolRC T47 Drone WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter weighs about such a very light weight.

The GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter is a mini foldable quadcopter, like Elfie Love. The GoolRC T49 Drone WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter comes out in red when the Elfie is only in pink. It uses the 2.4GHz in mode 2 to communicate with the remote controller. The quadcopter is made out of durable ABS.

The battery that the GoolRC T49 Drone WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter has is a 3.7V 250mAh lipo battery (built-in) and 2 * AAA battery (not included), uses a USB plug charger for recharging. The recharging process takes about 40-45 mins to complete.

The controller is very cool-looking! It looks like a Video Game controller and will fit nicely in your hands. There’s a small LCD display on the front of the transmitter that will provide you with important diagnostics about your flight. One thing that the LCD display shows is throttle position. So, rather than guess at how much throttle you need to give to reach a certain height, you can simply refer to your LCD screen and know for sure (25%, 50%, etc.).GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter has Altitude Hold, One Touch Takeoff, and Landing, and even Headless Mode are many of the flight features you can expect from this drone. No doubt, this one is action packed in all of the best ways a drone could be.

The GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter features a 720p camera, that can take really good images and video and with the combination of the 6 axis that features, they are very clear. The GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter supports FPV remote control at 2.4GHz. From the remote controller or the screen of your mobile using the FPV function, you can control the GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter and fly in all directions, do a 3D rollover, fly with the headless mode or remain steady at a certain height using the Altitude hold function. The GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter can fly at about 45 meters away from you, for about 7-8 mins if the battery is fully charged.

Overall, this is a very solid product. I believe it’s one of the best drones you can buy for less than $50. If camera & FPV are very important factors for you, I can’t name any better drone that this one for this price. Since it comes with proper landing gear and propeller guards, you’ll be able to fly it indoors. It’s definitely very beginner friendly.So check out the specs of the GoolRC T49 Drone WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter we can say that this is a very look alike the Elfie Love quadcopter. So why to choose this!? First of all, you might like more red than pink.You can Pre-order GoolRC T49 WIFI FPV RTF Quadcopter on RCMOMENT in just $42.70 but! we have a coupon code for save your money than you use GRCT49 this coupon code the price get down at $36.50 and you save your $ have a short time to get it first.(USE a Coupon and 120 points to enjoy the price).


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