GoolRC T5G RC Quadcopter Review with One Key Return CF Mode 360° Eversion Function (Coupon Inside)


The GoolRC T5G is a drone with the feature of having a radio remote control that makes driving really easy. In addition, this remote control does not have the usual “AA” batteries but has a genuine rechargeable battery inside it. Let’s see in this review all the technical features of this great drone:


The GoolRC T5G is a drone that comes in a beautiful box that contains everything you need to make it fly right away. You do not need to use “AA” type batteries that are usually used for the radio remote control because this time it comes with its own 3.7V 550mAh rechargeable battery. All you have to do before your first flight is to assemble the propeller caps and install the landing gear. In addition, both batteries must be charged (one is used for the drone, the other is used for the remote control). The GoolRC T5G is a drone equipped with good quality landing cart and para-propellers. Every beginner will definitely appreciate these features. This drone has three speed modes; slow, medium and fast. The slow mode is ideal for the first test flights. It’s really hard to get bored with this mode and it’s easier to take better pictures with the camera.

Camera and FPV

The GoolRC T5G comes with a 2 MP camera. The camera can record videos and take pictures with pretty good quality, not, of course, superior to other drones which have a higher price but for this price range is surely the drone with the best camera. Since FPV uses a 5.8 GHz frequency to transmit video data, the quality is much better than any other drone of this price range. Most drones of this price range use a Wi-Fi connection for video transmission, the 5.8GHz FPV is definitely superior to Wi-Fi. You will be able to go up to 70 meters away without losing the FPV signal. Data transmitted to the radio remote control such as photos and videos are recorded directly on SD (Not Included).


As for the flight time, we do not have a good time. The supplied battery will provide you with an average of 6 to 8 minutes of average flight time. It is, however, a normal timing for drones of this price range. To be honest, other drones that do not use FGV data transmission at 5.8GHz consume much more power. Overall, 6 to 8 minutes flight can be considered a good result and you can not ask for more at this price. But there is a very simple way to increase flight time. One possible solution is to reduce the weight of the drone by removing, for example, the landing gear and even the camera. This way, you can retrieve a few more minutes of flight time before you completely drain the battery.

The manufacturer of the drone GoolRC T5G recommends that you keep your drone at a maximum of 60 meters away from your radio remote control. Even about a hundred meters, you will not miss the signal but it is best not to overdo it. This maximum distance length is slightly higher than the average of the drones of this price range. Up to a hundred meters may seem a little, but in fact, it is more than enough distance.


Overall, the GoolRC T5G is one of the best drones that can be bought at this price range. If your camera and FPV data transmission are very important factors for you, at this price it will be difficult to find the best. Since this drone is equipped with adequate protection such as the landing gear and the para-propeller, you will be able to fly even indoors. It is definitely a drone recommended for beginners and for those who have the passion to fly a drone occasionally. This Dron you can Buy From RCMOMENT at $61.79 but Don’t Forget to Use Coupon Code:  SALE10


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